[MP3] Leisure Council reMix Young Digerati

Young Digerati

Here we have another slice of the smoothest of smooth music from LA’s kings of Dreamwave Leisure Council. Once again they are turning their reMixing skills toward fellow Californian synth dreamers Young Digerati and their track Next Phase. Expect blissful beach vibes.

If you want something to carry your day along on a cloud of laid back synth haze and add a little warmth to a chilly December day, then you’ve come to the right place. Nicky, Jeremy and Sam wash this tune in rolling bass and breezy, nostalgic, synth work. The interaction between the rich vintage synth chords and the playful shimmering melodies give the tune spacious fantastical atmosphere that’s pinned down by an added layer of Funk. The whole track pumps along with some rhythmic vocals and builds toward a soaring solo that takes it to the next level.

Young Digerati – Next Phase (Leisure Council reMix)

Buy Young Digerati’s music from:

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