[MP3] Cavaliers Of Fun reMix Young Digerati

Young Digerati

So, it would appear that LA based Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. I’m not sure when (or if) this was announced, but according to the blurb with the latest reMix from Cavaliers Of Fun, that’s the facts. Which is a pity, Young Digerati had a lot going for them but never really seem to hit their stride as far as releasing material went. I get the feeling there was some bad management in the mix too. They shall be missed.

What we are left with, though, is this reMix Cavaliers Of Fun did of unreleased track Aquiel, and it’s a beautiful send off for the guys. Cavaliers Of Fun delivers a Cosmic Dreamwave blissfest. Who says electronic music isn’t emotional? No-one who’s heard Cavaliers Of Fun’s gently, nuanced work on this track, that’s for sure. Bouncy basslines play side-by-side with intricate melodies and smooth, heartfelt solos, creating a track that moves your feet and your soul (if that existed).  Young Digetati’s song, an uplifting summery anthem, glides effortlessly over the top. A fitting final salute.

 Young Digerati – Aquiel (Cavaliers of Fun reMix)

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