Moullinex & Xinobi’s new EP

Moullinex & Xinobi are in the studio again, and you know when that happens the eclectic, madcap, Disco starts to flow.

The four track ‘X Marks The Spot’ single is out now on Discotexas and, if you know Moulinex & Xinobi, the title track is everything you’d expect. When these guys hit the studio together, anything can happen. We first heard this track back in April when they dropped it as a completely live demo, it’s now been refined but is no less live, it’s freakshow Disco, infectiously groovy and full of surprises. Drop Out Orchestra attempt to tame the insanity a little on their reMix, the result sounding like the bastard child of Moroder and Art Of Noise. Just to hammer home the crazyness of this release Moullinex & Xinobi have included their cover of The Cramps’ ‘Human Fly’. Rockabilly Disco anyone?

♫ Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Original Version)

♫ Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly (The Cramps Cover)

The ‘X Marks The Spot’ EP is out now.

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Young Digerati cover The Cramps


Young Digerati have dropped their second Halloween cover version in the lead up to the weekend.

Next up it’s The Cramps ‘Goo Goo Muck’ falls prey to Young Digerati’s synth workover. This time around things are a little more Dreamwave that their cover of ‘Monster Mash’, maybe the covers are designed to be played at different times throughout the night and this is defiantly a track for one your Halloween part’s in full swing. I’m sure YD are having fun with these!

Young Digerati – Goo Goo Muck (The Cramps Cover)

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