[Mixtape] MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Discolife Episode 2’



MiGHty mOUse – Discolife Episode 2 = Whoop! Just in time for X-mas there’s a new mixtape from our galactic Disco overlord MiGHty mOUse. It’s a glorious of Disco, House and Indie-Dance with an eclectic twist. Featuring tracks from Air Zaire, Crazy P, Sébastien Tellier, Satin Jackets, Married The Believer and MiGHty mOUse’s own Du Tonc this one is loaded with spacey goodness. Perfect for pre-X-mas party’s warm up.

MiGHty mOUse – Discolife Episode 2

The tracklist:

01. Land Of Light – Higher Love (The Backwoods reMix)
02. Rodin – Bocca Hills
03. Du Tonc – We Can Hold On (Satin Jackets reMix)
04. I-Cube – 109 BPM
05. Vox Low – Something Is Wrong (Original Mix)
06. Air Zaire – Love 94 (MiGHty mOUse reMix)
07. Heretic – Trite Progression
08. Tolouse Low Trax – Jeidem Fall (Wolf Muller Mix)
09. Argy & Mama – Who Am I (Rampa reMix)
10. Luminodisco – Oh Mary (Original Mix)
11. Crazy P – Cruel Mistress (Asadinho reMix)
12. Clavis – Banza
13. Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro (Feat. Amor) – Lovery (Pablo Fierro reMix)
14. Saliva Commandos – Orfa Murd
15. Adesso Versions – Pride
16. David Mayer (Feat. Sonoma) – Bold
17. Matrixxman – The Sigil (David Mayer reMix)
18. Married The Believer – Invisible Giving (Wolf Muller reMix)
19. Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle

MiGHty mOUse’s current single, Dusk, is out now.

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[Mixtape] MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Discolife Episode 1’


MiGHty mOUse

MiGHty mOUse – Discolife Episode 1 = Well, after Monday’s jaw dropping announcement/rant/suicide we said we’d still be serving up mixtapes from time to time, and what better way to hold true to that than the first in a (hopefully) long new sequence from the man MiGHty mOUse. The premiére episode of the aptly named Discolife series is an ecclectic, but consistently funky hour and a half (almost) that’s absolutely perfect for setting up your weekend. Y’know, the one that starts right……………now.

MiGHty mOUse – Discolife Episode 1

The tracklist:
01. Pink Murder – Fresh & Made (Demi Re-Edit)
02. Arling & Cameron – Club Fashion
03. David Shaw & The Beat (Feat. Jennifer Cardini) – In The Ballroom
04. Shura – White Light (Gabe Guernsey Factory Floor reMix)
05. Pedestrian (Feat. Maribou State) – The Clown (Axel Bowman reMix)
06. Inaky Garcia & Alfredo Magrini – Destination (Afro Club Mix)
07. Groove Junkies & Solara – Sunshine (Timmy Vegas Paradise Mix)
08. Tigerbalm – The 80s (Oscar P reMix)
09. Deadbeat – Berghain Drum Jack (2015 Edit)
10. The Housemaster Boyz – House Nation (Club Mix)
11. M.Caporale – Dune (Original Mix)
12. DJ T.I.C, Koncrete & DJ Oats – Dhumba (Main Mix)
13. Groove Armada – Paris (Andhim reMix)
14. Bicep – Just (Original Mix)
15. Felipe Gordon – Galactico
16. Terranova – Kepler 186F (Original Mix)
17. Gardens Of God – Zulu (Original Mix)
18. Nicolas Alisferi – Across The Universe (Original Mix)
19. Slam Dunk’d – No Price (Robosonic ‘Disco Break’ reMix)
20. Pariah – Railroad (Original Mix)
21. Floating Points – K&G Beat (Original Mix)

MiGHty mOUse’s current single, Dusk, is out now.

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[Mixtape] MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Edit Tape 1’


MiGHty mOUse

MiGHty mOUse – Edit Tape 1 = Here’s the new mixtape from MiGHty mOUse, and this one is a collection of storming edits of some wicked tunes the Mouse has done himself. The even better news is that he’ll be making them available for download soon!

MiGHty mOUse – Edit Tape 1

The tracklist:
1. Yello – The Race (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
2. Smokey Robinson – Mickeys Monkey (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
3. Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
4. Debbie Jacobs – High On Your Love (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
5. Odyssey – Use It Up, Wear It Out (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
6. Trio – Da Da Da (MiGHty mOUse Edit)
7. A-Ha – Cry Wolf (MiGHty mOUse Edit)

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[Video] Punks Jump Up, Dubka and Saint Saviour’s ‘Feels Good’

Punks Jump Up, Martin Dubka and Saint Saviour’s Feels Good is definitely a strong contender for one of the tunes of the year. Insanely funk DiscoPop that has now gone and got itself a video.

Andrew Barone and Davide Caselli put together this clip with a couple of familiar faces and a couple of familiar locations. Mucking around in Dalston basically.

Feels Good is out now.

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London based synth Funk duo Royalty are gearing up for the release of their sophomore EP, ‘Purple Nights’.

Their heavy beats and and growling groovy basslines immediately bring to mind comparisons to the kind of Nu-Funk brought to us by the likes of DâM-FunK. But rather that sun kissed LA vibes, there is a London grit to this duo’s sound, and urban Funk for those parting in the concrete jungle. Thick retro synth sounds are the order of the day here, pulsating basses, twinkling melodies and reedy pads create something that is a musical journey, at times for hot city nights, at times for something more cosmic.

Royalty – Heart Strings

Royalty’s ‘Purple Nights’ EP is out 21st November. If your in the area catch them at the EP’s launch at the Dalston Superstore on 23rd November, details here.

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Cavaliers Of Fun reMixed by Young Digerati


Two of the smoothest acts ever to grace a beach party get together for some hot reMix action right here as Ricco Vitali A.K.A. Cavaliers Of Fun gets versioned by LA’s slick ElectroPopsters Young Digerati.

Taking ‘Gold’ from CoF’s recent ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP, Young Digerati up the dancefloor ante on the track and inject the dreamy laid back groove of the original with some Disco goodness. The new upbeat slant to the song actually make the vocals into something of an anthemic sing-a-long. If you like your ElectroPop infused with feel good chants and bouncy analog basslines then check this tune out.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Gold (Young Digerati Rmx)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP is out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Buy Cavaliers Of Fun’s music from:

Monsieur Adi’s ‘Last Stand’

‘Last Stand’ is the lead track from the forthcoming ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP from Monsieur Adi.

Featuring Gary Go on vocals, ‘Last Stand’ is an epic slice of ElectroPop with heaps of Monsieur Adi’s trademark orchestration thrown into the mix to give it that majestic feel. The sweeping powerful orchestral elements combine with the inspirational, uplifting subject matter to create quite an emotional experience. All with a solid Disco beat. What more can you ask for?

♫ Monsieur Adi – (Feat. Gary Go) – Last Stand

The ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP is due to drop in June.

Buy Monsieur Adi’s music from:


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Greek ElectroPop artist Tareq recently dropped his début album, ‘Cocoon’, on Undo Records (home to Marsheaux) and is about to unleash his premier single from the album, ‘Cold’.

Tareq brings a little Vocal House flavour to the Modern SynthPop scene. As well as mixing in his retro influences he’s not adverse to adding some Disco bass or House pads into the traditional Modern SynthPop sound. While musically ‘Cold’ lives up to it’s name with layers of icy synths, the presence of a  slap bass groove and Tareq’s emotive vocals warms things up a bit. The reMix package is quite impressive, the standout being d-tek’s Italo mix which is just begging for Club play as it mixes up an Italo bassline with layers of Nu-Disco synths.

Tareq – Cold (d-tek Italo Mix)

If you want to check out how the Modern SynthPop scene is evolving the Tareq’s ‘Cold’ is recommended.

Tareq @ Beatport

Tareq @ 7Digital

Tareq @ Amazon

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