[MP3] Strangeheart (ex-Young Digerati)


Well, it’s official. as we speculated LA Indie-Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. Apparently after being dropped by Rocket Music Management (who we had dealings with are were abysmally incompetent) the guys went their separate ways. Where those ways will lead is anyone guess. Except for frontman Jeff Thompson no guesses are necessary, he’s just delivered the first tune from his new project Strangeheart.

Strangeheart’s In Another Life is pure summery Indie-Pop bliss. Balancing playful guitars with shimmering, romantic synths and a  insanely catchy lyric. Seriously, if you listen to this track three times or more it will infect your brain for the rest of the day. Taken from Strangeheart’s forthcoming début EP, In Another Life is both bouncy and fun, and emotionally authentic. Proper LA grooves. We’ll be looking forward to Strangeheart’s EP.

Strangeheart – In Another Life

Strangeheart’s début EP is out soon.

Check out more from Strangeheart on SoundCloud.

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