[Audio] Strangeheart’s ‘How To Feel Right’



The steady advance of ex-Young Digerati-ers Strangeheart toward the release of their début EP ploughs ever onward. The few tracks that have trickled out so far have really impressed, as does this new tune, How To Feel Right. The prefect blend of Indie Electro and LA Dreamwave, How To Feel Right has got that Young Digerati anthemic quality but injects a little West Coast Disco into the mix.

Decked out with buzzing synth stabs and a burbling arpeggiated bassline, How To Feel Right wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve, with the vocals being part summery Indie and part 80s Pop hit, and the music being pure retro synth goodness. At times the track dips into Electric Soul before sweeping back into the Dreamwave arenas. Every track we’ve heard from Strangeheart so far has had us looking forward to their first proper release, and How To Feel Right just makes us even more eager to hear it.

♫ Strangeheart – How To Feel Right

Strangeheart’s début EP is out soon.

Check out more from Strangeheart on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Strangeheart (ex-Young Digerati)


Well, it’s official. as we speculated LA Indie-Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. Apparently after being dropped by Rocket Music Management (who we had dealings with are were abysmally incompetent) the guys went their separate ways. Where those ways will lead is anyone guess. Except for frontman Jeff Thompson no guesses are necessary, he’s just delivered the first tune from his new project Strangeheart.

Strangeheart’s In Another Life is pure summery Indie-Pop bliss. Balancing playful guitars with shimmering, romantic synths and a  insanely catchy lyric. Seriously, if you listen to this track three times or more it will infect your brain for the rest of the day. Taken from Strangeheart’s forthcoming début EP, In Another Life is both bouncy and fun, and emotionally authentic. Proper LA grooves. We’ll be looking forward to Strangeheart’s EP.

Strangeheart – In Another Life

Strangeheart’s début EP is out soon.

Check out more from Strangeheart on SoundCloud.