Young Digerati’s ‘Endless Bummer reMixed’

Young Digerati

Bay Area Indie-ElectroPop outfit Young Digerati’s recent ‘Endless Bummer EP was a skilful mix of jangly Indie and retro ElectroPop. A lot more guitary than their previous output, something that normally has us on the fence, the EP did contain some catchy tunes. Good news then that some of the finest SynthWave reMix talent has come along to give those tunes a good old synth workout. Smooth grooves incoming.

The whole EP, all five tracks, are all pretty superb, ranging from Electro-House, to Italo to Dreamwave, but out picks would be the work contributed by Silenx, 80s Stallone and Sex By Surprise. Silenx wow us one again with his super slick production on his reMix of Peak Performance. Injecting a little more funk into his sound than usual, Joel goes full on Cosmic Disco. Adding the core of the last couple of years of some of the best SynthWave around, he adds some funky slap bass and Moog-esque stabs, to a truly galactic Funk experience. Also taking on Peak Performance, 80s Stallone hits the ground running with his 80’s sound, immediately Italo, from the arpeggiated bassline to the EuroPop riff, before raising the track up with some big retro chords. The vocal is used sparsely in 80’s Stallone’s take, but Chris Stallone’s melodies more than make up for it. The EP rounds off with SxS’s robotic Electro take on Young Digetati’s biggest tune to date, The Dauphin. Normally associated with a laid back beach party vibe, SxS turn the track into an Electro-House anthem, packed with nervous energy and bright, intertwining, synth lines. Did we mention the EP is free, that’s five top quality tunes for no money whatsoever. Bargain!

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (Silenx reMix)

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (80s Stallone reMix)

Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Sex By Surprise reMix)

You can pick up Young Digerati’s Endless Bummer reMixed Ep for free here.

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One comment on “Young Digerati’s ‘Endless Bummer reMixed’

  1. The Sex By Surprise Remix is epic! You can download it directly from their website too.
    Check out their other trax. All are great.

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