[Audio] Sally Shapiro’s reMix album (with Mitch Murder, Little Boots, Lovelock & Nite Jewel)


sally shapiro

After the overwhelming success of Swedish ElectroPop duo Sally Shapiro’s third album, Somewhere Else, and the preceding single, the Electric Youth featuring Starman we were eager for more, but we didn’t expect something this hot. Just released is Elsewhere, a reMix companion for Somewhere Else who line-up is a variable whos-who is the cream of ElectroPop talent. It’s a killer meeting of minds that features the likes of Dan Lissvik, Young Galaxy, Lost Years and The Field, but right now we are going to take a look at some of our highlights.

First up, the undeniable king of SynthWave, Mr. Mitch Murder, graces the album with his presence. Reworking All My Life, Mitch delivers on his particular brand or rich, emotional, synthesized soundtrack work beautifully here. The deep, twanging, digital bass and invigorating electronic pulse play nicely against the warm tones to create something head-nodding brilliant. It’s prefect for Sally’s vocals too, the interaction between the chorus vocals and the bass is just amazing. If Mitch if the electronic music king, then our girl Little Boots is the queen. Taking on the brilliantly titled This City’s Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me, Boots whips up some mirrorball sheen with a surprisingly gritty hook. Mixing up House and Nu-Disco elements to classy effect, Boots turns-in a slo-mo, soft focus, dancefloor dream. One of the most talented men in retro electronica, Steve Moore, here in his Lovelock guise turns his attention to I Dream With an Angel Tonight, injecting it with smooth, laid back, vintage Disco and Italo sounds with a cinematic feel and a slight mysterious, Sci-Fi vibe. LA synthesizer Funk queen Nite Jewel bring to the table a typically atmospheric and left-field slice of electronics in her rendition of Sundown, loaded with compelling basses and swirling soundscapes turning Sally Shapiro from twee ElectroPop into brooding, but groove, Cold Wave. This is definitely a recommended release, with a stellar line-up and a wide variety of styles, there really is something for everyone.

♫ Sally Shapiro – All My Life (Mitch Murder reMix)

♫ Sally Shapiro – This City’s Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me (Little Boots Discotheque reMix)

♫ Sally Shapiro – I Dream With an Angel Tonight (Lovelock reMix)

♫ Sally Shapiro – Sundown (Nite Jewel reMix)

Sally Shapiro’s reMix album, Everywhere, is out now.

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Worship’s ‘Horizon’ reMix EP

It’s that time again! Today ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ are putting out their next release, the long awaited collection of reMixes from the Swiss SynthWave producer Worship’s Horizon EP, and man have they brought together some serious talent for this package.

The reMix release kicks off with electronic wizard Steve Moore’s version of the original EP’s lead track Spiral End, which features the vocals of Ricco Vitali  from Cavaliers Of Fun. Moore takes the bares bones from the vocal track and whips them up into a deep warehouse groove. A hypnotic synth pulse that you could get totally lost in on the dancefloor. Freak You also tackles Spiral End, the Frenchman’s take on the track travels a different road. Freak You builds the tune into a powerful, driving SynthWave tune with piano House overtones and a creamy ElectroPop topping. The king of ‘80’s electronica, Mitch Murder, delivers his version of Horizon, taking his time with the track and working his synthesizer magic. He brings a smooth retro soundtrack vibe to the EP with shimmering melodies and roomy drum fills, layering the track with dramatic tones until bursting into a solo fuelled finale. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Finnish big room masters Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver get funky with Miles Inside, combining a low down House groove with lush emotive piano and abrasive, Acidic, synth lines for full on dancefloor intoxication. The EP also comes equipped with Tanz/Tanz’s dark club take on Spiral End. Another amazing release from both Worship and Holographic People.

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali ) – Spiral End (Steve Moore reMix)

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali ) – Spiral End (Freak You reMix)

♫ Worship – Horizon (Mitch Murder reMix)

♫ Worship – Miles Inside (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver reMix)

Worship’s Horizon reMix EP is out today.

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Lovelock’s ‘Burning Feeling’


From the opening notes of the heavy synth bassline of the title track of ‘Burning Feeling’, the début album from Lovelock, you know something synthetically special is happening. Lovelock is one of the many monikers of Synth legend Steve Moore. I say ‘legend’ because the man has a prolific and consistently amazing out put. Whether it’s as in Zombi or Miracle or as Gianna Rossi or just himself you know that with the Moore stamp on it, you’re in for some amazing, emotional synth work.

His latest release, Lovelock’s ‘Burning Feeling’ is in part a collection of his work under this pseudonym to date, some of the tracks, including the title, date back a couple of years and will be familiar to most fans of synth music, whist some are brand new, and the two sit side by side effortlessly. maybe du in part to Moore’s retro influences, maybe just due to the sheer quality of the songs, nothing on the album sound dated (or at least, not dated in the bad sense of the word). The album is loaded with futuristic Sci-Fi soundscapes and Cosmic Disco grooves, robotic Italo basslines and heartfelt Funk. ‘Burning Feeling’ itself is one of the most powerful SynthPop tracks you’ll hear in a while. Punchy EBM basslines and jackhammer drums mix with epic power ballad vocals to create a weird, but utterly amazing Industrial/Pop crossover. Elsewhere on the album Lovelock presents a more boogie laden Moroder-esque analog Disco vibe with track like ‘New Age Christ’ .Maybe Tonight’ and ‘The Fog’, albeit with his trademark warbling synth solos along for the ride. Mainly, though, ‘Burning Feeling’ is like the best collection of ‘80’s TV themes that never existed. ‘Deco District’ channels a more New York Disco version of Jan Hammer, as does ‘Love Reaction’ which ups the ante with some sweet female vocals. And in the middle of all this future funk and soundtrack majesty sits ‘South beach Sunrise’, a chilled out respite from the energy of the rest of the record, complete with a beautiful sax solo. ‘Burning Feeling’ truly is a masterpiece, an amazingly good album that impresses right from the moment you put it on. An electronic music fan’s record collection is just not complete without this album.

♫ Lovelock – Don’t Turn Away (From My Love)

♫ Lovelock – Love Reaction

♫ Lovelock – Maybe Tonight

♫ Lovelock – South Beach Sunrise

Lovelock’s ‘Burning Feeling’ is released 26th April on Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal imprint.

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Steve Moore’s ‘Carol Of The Bells’


Apparently this was a track written for a project that fell through a couple of years ago, but it’s so chilling and wintery that synthesizer overlord Steve Moore though it best to release it this X-Mas.

‘Carol Of The Bells’ is a haunting, atmospheric peice that immediately makes you feel cold. It’s an icy soundscape, but shot through with a strain of hopefulness, like being lost in the dark and seeing a light. I’m not sure if it’s X-Massy or not (probably, in a creepy ‘80’s BBC children’s X-Mas drama way), but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Steve Moore – Carol Of The Bells

Steve Moore’s new album, ‘Brainstorms’, is released January 2012.

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A taste of Steve Moore’s new album.

steve moore

SynthWave legend and driving force behind the likes of Zombi & Miracle Steve Moore will be releasing a split album with AE Paterra A.K.A. Majeure (the rest of Zombi) next year titled ‘Brainstorms’.

As a taster, check out ‘Enhanced Humanoid’, a dark, smokey peice of Vangelis-esque future soundtrack. Driven by arpeggios that lend the track and Italo, almost EBM quality and a nervous energy that is enhanced by the beautiful, yet slightly tense, melodies. The whole record will definitely be something to look forward to for gritty Sci-Fi electronics and synthetic atmospheres.

Steve Moore – Enhanced Humanoid

‘Brainstorms’ is released January 2012.

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TNUC’s video for Gianni Rossi’s ‘C- Beams’

In time for Halloween Uncle TNUC has unleashed his first slashed flick.

The clip is for the Gianni Rossi (A.K.A Steve Moore) version of his own (as in Steve Moore’s) ‘C Beams’, a little less cosmic, a little more funky and a video full of kids who should have known better!

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Miracle’s new single


The almighty Steve Moore is back, the hardest working man in retro synth music is gearing up for the first proper single release (after the severely limited ‘The Visitor’ 12” and the ‘Fluid Window’ mini-album) of his duo project with Daniel O’Sullivan, Miracle.

The single, ‘Good Love’, opens with typically Moore vintage synths and a slightly Italo feel before powering into a majestic, SynthPop anthem. The mixture of ‘80’s European dance music with Depeche Mode style grandiose lyrical religious imagery. Like and orchestra of Italo, Moore and O’Sullivan crate a rousing yet melancholy sound with enough understanding of the dancefloor to see them as big contenders for HURTS, or at least a HURTS for the SynthWave crowd.

♫ Miracle – Good Love

‘Good Love’ is released 27th November on House Anxiety Records.

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