Human Life’s ‘Don’t Fade Away’ with Shook & Kartell


Fresh from their team-up with Pelifics on ‘Can’t Promise Anything’ this week California based ElectroPop act Human Life release their new single on Vulture Music.

‘Don’t Fade Away’ is what Human Life do best. Summery, catchy ElectroPop with a feel good factor and a slight edge. Driven by piercing synths and call-and-response male & female vocals, ‘Don’t Fade Away’ is a pretty simple, stripped down version of SynthPop, but the simplicity really works and and allows the song to breathe. The consistently amazing Shook contributes a reMix to the single, brining his highly technical Nu-Disco to the table, creating a smooth jam that changes the mood of the vocals into something more relaxed and let’s Shooks musical talent shine. Kartell also chooses to drop a chilled groove,. There’s more of a beach vibe to this one, it’s ‘Don’t Fade Away’ tropical style.

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Shook reMix)

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Kartell reMix)

‘Don’t Fade Away’ is out now.

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Kids At Midnight’s new single

kids at midnight

Kids At Midnight’s long awaited début single for Vulture Music is released today, we spoke about how the anticipation for this release has killed us and gave you a listen to one of the reMixes yesterday, today you can wrap your ears around the lead track.

‘Let You Slide’ is a revelation. It’s not the full on DancePop track we was expecting, and I’m glad. Maybe we just got used to tracks featuring Jane but in the back out our minds we we’d assumed the single would be some big Nu-Disco-esque track. It isn’t, and that’s awesome ‘cos I’m utterly enamoured with that it actually is. So what is it? Well, and I’m sure no-one is going to thank me for saying this, the first thing that popped in my head was female-fronted-The-Postal-Service (which for me is rad, I loved The Postal Service). It’s less glitch but has a very similar tone to it. It feels personal and intimate. Led by toms and an organ it’s, musically, a gentle affair, concentrating on moving your heart rather than your feet, slowly layering and building as the intensity of Jane’s vocals increases. Jane’s vocals too, aren’t the big dance diva  power vox we’re used to, this a more introspective Jane and one who’s totally emotionally believable.  ‘No No Yeah Yeah’, on the flip side, is a more traditional SynthPop offering that I prefer to it’s reMix. It’s a nice meeting of elements of Bedroom Pop, Indie-Electro and LA Dreamwave in a package that is pretty unique. Less personal that ‘Let It Slide’, ‘No No Yeah Yeah’ is more geared toward summer good time, it;s a track for driving with the top down and makes a perfect complimentary track. ‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is a stunning début, challenging expectations and creating something beautiful with it.

♫ Kids At Midnight – Let You Slide

♫ Kids At Midnight – No No Yeah Yeah

‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is released today.

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Kids At Midnight & Xander Milne

kids at midnight

Tomorrow Kids At Midnight release their new single, their début for for Vulture Music, and frankly it’s about time too! I literally feel like I’ve been waiting for this release forever.

The single will be a double A-side featuring the tracks ‘Let You Slide’ and ‘No No Yeah Yeah’, alongside the original versions sits this reMix from Xander Milne, who pushed the heavy synth funk with a massive slap bassline and the sweetest of twisted lead lines. It’s quite a laid back summery track but with enough balls to rock the dancefloor. The solid groove works just right for Jane’s vocals to ride over to complete the package. It’s a shame I have neither a) a pool, b) good weather or c) loads of friends who don’t have to get up for work tomorrow, ‘cos this tune has got me in the mood for a pool party.

♫ Kids At Midnight – No No Yeah Yeah (XM reMix)

‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is released tomorrow.

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Starsmith: and on to the B-side


The last few days have been Starsmithtastic! New single, new video and now the flip side to ‘Lesson One’, ‘Champion’.

I sat flip side ‘cos the release will be a double A-side. Alan Braxe, who’s Vulture Music will be putting out the single, recently dropped a teaser of this track at Social Club in Paris and the resultant YouTube video has us all in a frenzy. ‘Campion’ sees Starsmith layering up the smooth electronic Funk of ‘Lesson One’ with a more synthesized feel. The lead lines alone are worth buying this release for, behind a couple of tires of synths and a mixing desk Starsmith really is at the top of his game. Keeping the  Hopefully Starsmith finding a home at Vulture will mean his album gets to see the light of day.

♫ Starsmith – Champion

‘Lesson One’/ ‘Champion’ drops 22nd August.

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It’s a Vulture Music special on this week’s Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’!

Siberian Tiger

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 14/07/2011 = It’s a Vulture Music special this week on The Guestlist as Fear Of Tigers is joined by seemingly the whole Vulture crew Alan Braxe himself is in the house along with the amazing Visitor, Kids At Midnight and Pacific!. Expect mixes and previews and some big tunes from FoT too.

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 22/07/2011

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Starsmith’s new video

Remember when we wrote about Starsmith‘s forthcoming new single, ‘Lesson One’, on Vulture Music? Way back in the day. This day to be precise, at 10:02am.

Well, Vulture have premiered the long awaited (five and a half hours!) video. Summer holiday fishing fun!

‘Lesson One’ is released 22nd August as a double A-side with ‘Champion’.

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Starsmith’s new single


Well, this was an unexpected treat for a Thursday morning. Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music have announced the release of ElectroPop producer extraordinaire Starsmith’s second single.

‘Lesson One’ isn’t quite what I was expecting from Mr. Smith, it’s better. The track skilfully walks a path that owes, in equal amounts, to French Touch and  LA Dreamwave.  I’m not sure if it’s actually Fin singing on the track, I know he did say he would be singing himself on his album but the vocals, subtly effected, makes up a large part of the dreamy, laidback groove of the track. Much of the tune harks back to the original days of French Touch (no bad thing!), although updated for 21st century Nu-Disco dancefloors and, of course, all wrapped up with that perfect Starsmith ElectroPop sheen. On the whole ‘Lesson One’, co-written and produced with Braxe himself, has tons more funk than I was anticipating, and this just makes me even more excited for Starsmith’s eventual album release.

♫ Starsmith – Lesson One

‘Lesson One’ is released 22nd August as a double A-side with ‘Champion’.

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