Starsmith: and on to the B-side


The last few days have been Starsmithtastic! New single, new video and now the flip side to ‘Lesson One’, ‘Champion’.

I sat flip side ‘cos the release will be a double A-side. Alan Braxe, who’s Vulture Music will be putting out the single, recently dropped a teaser of this track at Social Club in Paris and the resultant YouTube video has us all in a frenzy. ‘Campion’ sees Starsmith layering up the smooth electronic Funk of ‘Lesson One’ with a more synthesized feel. The lead lines alone are worth buying this release for, behind a couple of tires of synths and a mixing desk Starsmith really is at the top of his game. Keeping the  Hopefully Starsmith finding a home at Vulture will mean his album gets to see the light of day.

♫ Starsmith – Champion

‘Lesson One’/ ‘Champion’ drops 22nd August.

Buy Starsmith’s music from:

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