Kids At Midnight’s new single

kids at midnight

Kids At Midnight’s long awaited début single for Vulture Music is released today, we spoke about how the anticipation for this release has killed us and gave you a listen to one of the reMixes yesterday, today you can wrap your ears around the lead track.

‘Let You Slide’ is a revelation. It’s not the full on DancePop track we was expecting, and I’m glad. Maybe we just got used to tracks featuring Jane but in the back out our minds we we’d assumed the single would be some big Nu-Disco-esque track. It isn’t, and that’s awesome ‘cos I’m utterly enamoured with that it actually is. So what is it? Well, and I’m sure no-one is going to thank me for saying this, the first thing that popped in my head was female-fronted-The-Postal-Service (which for me is rad, I loved The Postal Service). It’s less glitch but has a very similar tone to it. It feels personal and intimate. Led by toms and an organ it’s, musically, a gentle affair, concentrating on moving your heart rather than your feet, slowly layering and building as the intensity of Jane’s vocals increases. Jane’s vocals too, aren’t the big dance diva  power vox we’re used to, this a more introspective Jane and one who’s totally emotionally believable.  ‘No No Yeah Yeah’, on the flip side, is a more traditional SynthPop offering that I prefer to it’s reMix. It’s a nice meeting of elements of Bedroom Pop, Indie-Electro and LA Dreamwave in a package that is pretty unique. Less personal that ‘Let It Slide’, ‘No No Yeah Yeah’ is more geared toward summer good time, it;s a track for driving with the top down and makes a perfect complimentary track. ‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is a stunning début, challenging expectations and creating something beautiful with it.

♫ Kids At Midnight – Let You Slide

♫ Kids At Midnight – No No Yeah Yeah

‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is released today.

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