[Video] Alan Braxe reMixes Cerrone’s ‘Supernature’


CERRONE   Supernature ft. Beth Ditto  Alan Braxe Mix    YouTube

French multi-Grammy nominated Disco legend Cerrone returns to his classic Supernautre this year, now with Beth Ditto in tow in vocal duties. The track has been reMixed by French Touch pioneer Alan Braxe (not for the first time) and is out now as a single, and precursor to the forthoming Best Of Cerrone album. The reMix has got it’s very own video. Indulge yourself.

The video is very gold. A towering gold tribute to all things retro and all things Cerrone.

Alan Braxe’s reMix of Cerrone’s Supernature is out now.

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[Audio] Alan Braxe reMixes Bright Light Bright Light’s ‘An Open Heart’



Ever wondered what the reigning champ of British SynthPop, Bright Light Bright Light, would sound like  alongside a truck load of French Touch? Well wonder no more. It’s been an awesome year for BLx2 so far, from being main tour support worldwide for Sit Elton John, to the release of his well received sophomore album, Life Is Easy, AND featuring on electronic rumors last release! What more could the man ask for? How about French Touch pioneer Alan Braxe working his Disco magic on one of your tunes?

Mr. Braxe has had a bit of a resurgence of output int he past twelve months (and by resurgence we mean one EP and a handful of reMixes, which is relatively a lot!), and this reMix really is the pinnacle of that. BLx2’s emotional original was already a captivating and passionate Pop song, but with a healthy injection of continental Disco; courtesy of a rubbery bassline, filtered pads and a rock solid clap-a-long beat, the track takes on new floorfilling dimensions. Sparkling arpeggios jokey for attention alongside Rod’s vocals as the track neatly lifts your mood. The perfect combination.

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – An Open Heart (Alan Braxe reMix)

Bright Light Bright Light’s Life Is Easy is out now.

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[Audio] The Presets reMixed by Alan Braxe



As the release of Australian ElectroPop geniuses The Presets’ new single Fall, rapidly approaches we can have a listen to the track from the accompanying reMix package that we were most intrigued about hearing. Namely the version of Fall from French Touch pioneer Alan Braxe. Amongst all the names associated with the single, Braxe was the one that stood out as having the potential to be a stormer.

And it is. Just don;t expect any French Touch magic. Braxe’s mix is a deep, deep, slice of Electronica. A hypnotic House tune that mixes up bits of Deep and bit of Tech into five minutes of mesmerizing dancefloor intoxication. Low bassed and relentlessly rhythmed, Braxe’s mix undulates with compelling hook and ringing leads as choppy riff rub shoulders with the kinds of grooves that could brainwash people. The Vocals are used sparsely, but wisely, in a reMix that comes as a surprise, but is immediately arresting.

♫ The Presets – Fall (Alan Braxe)

The Presets’ Fall is out soon on Modular Recordings.

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[Audio] Lifelike reMixes Alan Braxe & The Spimes


French Touch legend Alan Braxe is back and kicking off 2013 with a brand new single, not on his own Vulture Music imprint, but on the ever hip Scion Audio/Visual. Not only that, but the entire release is free too!

Once More Chance is a collaboration between Braxe and fellow Frenchmen The Spimes (what old school Kitsuné dude Romuald is doing now), and it’s not necessarily what you’d expect from the Nu-Disco pioneer. Slow and atmospheric, One More chance seems to share more common DNA with Chillwave that Braxe’s previous floorfillers. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s a beautiful, enveloping track that echoes with big reverby drums, swirling synths and Romuald hazy vocals. Oh, and there’s a Lifelike remix too. Boom. This sounds more like that track you were probably expecting. Gritty French Electro bass, and buzzsaw synths amidst a pounding beat. We could have probably done with a tiny bit less of the record flutter effect though, which gets a little tedious after three minutes. Still, you can’t say no to a rockin’ Lifelike reMix.

♫ Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – One More Chance (Lifelike reMix)

♫ Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – One More Chance

Alan Braxe (With The Spimes)’s One More Chance is free to download right here and also features a reMix from Memory Tapes.

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L’Étranger reMixes Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

UK French Touch producer L’Étranger is back in the place with a new reMix. Just a little something to get your mouth watering for his forthcoming two new EPs. This time it’s Alan Braxe & Fred Falke who get the reMix treatment as L’Étranger taken of the Running classic Most Wanted.

It’s pretty weird to think that Running is over a decade old now, both Intro. and Most Wanted are seminal French Touch tunes that still sound as exciting now as they did back then. L’Étranger takes the bouncy French groove and feeds it through some kind of bastard Disco machine. The track has a real ‘70’s Disco vibe, loaded with electro toms and slick piano, but then layers that with a chainsaw synth lead from some in-your-face dancefloor action. Also, don’t they look young in that photo! Hehe.

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted (L’Étranger Rework)

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Alan Braxe reMixes Ford & Lopatin

Ford & Lopatin

There’s something for every mood with Alan Braxe’s reMix of Ford & Lopatin’s ‘To Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)’. Literally. He reMixed it twice, one stormer and one for chilling.

Braxe’s main mix is a full on French Touch juggernaut with a really nice euphoric and otherworldly undercurrent that kinda’ zones you out and takes you away when listening to it. The bonus reMix is a stark contract though, and downtempo synth peice, a dreamlike, atmospheric, slowed down Disco peice.

♫ Ford & Lopatin -Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me) (Alan Braxe reMix)

♫ Ford & Lopatin -Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me) (Alan Braxe Bonus reMix)

‘To Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)’ is out now.

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It’s a Vulture Music special on this week’s Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’!

Siberian Tiger

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 14/07/2011 = It’s a Vulture Music special this week on The Guestlist as Fear Of Tigers is joined by seemingly the whole Vulture crew Alan Braxe himself is in the house along with the amazing Visitor, Kids At Midnight and Pacific!. Expect mixes and previews and some big tunes from FoT too.

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 22/07/2011

Buy Fear Of Tigers’ music from:

Teenage Bad Girl’s ‘X-Girl’

French ElectroPop noise merchants Teenage Bad Girl new single, taken from their pretty awesome second album ‘Backwash’, is ‘X Girl’.

The track features  Rye Rye on the smooth MCing and Citizen Records have lined up a whole host of red reMix talent. The stand out for me is this Yacht Disco jam from Alan Braxe. It’s a summer breeze of a tune packed with sweet retro synths and sparkling leads. Noise Invaders chime in with their reMix, it’s not featured on the single but it deserves your attention. Chopping up the track Fidget style and layering that with big Disco sounds, rapidfire electronics and an almost EBM bassline is a heady commination that creates a dancefloor killer.

♫ Teenage Bad Girl (Feat. Rye Rye) – X Girl (Alan Braxe reMix)

Teenage Bad Girl (Feat. Rye Rye) – X Girl (Noise Invaders reMix)

The ‘X Girl’ single is out now.

Buy Teenage Bad Girl’s music from:

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Alan Braxe reMixed by Hana Yori Kichou Na

This month Shiny Disco Club & Exquise Record’s awesome Hana Yori Kichou Na unleashed this huge reworking of Alan Braxe’s ‘Vertigo’.

This track is like power Nu-Disco, it just doesn’t let up, ever! This massive cut-up Disco tune just keeps taking you higher and higher . It’s four and a half minutes of intense, funk as hell, force-you-to-dance insanity!


Alan Braxe – Vertigo (Hana Yori Kichou Na ‘Virgo Est De Retour’ reMix)

‘Vertigo’ is available now:

Alan Braxe @ Beatport

Alan Braxe @ Juno

Alan Braxe @ 7Digital

Alan Braxe @ Amazon

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Ellie Goulding; Friends Electric video & Alan Braxe reMix!

Friends Electric’s awesome, and brave, reMix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘The Writer’ has only gone and got itself it’s very own official video! Nice one lads!

OK, on to Alan Braxe’s gobsmackingly rad reMix, it’s got this fluttering little melody that you listen to and never want to end. It’s pure summery chilled goodness, like an ace dream, or the end credits tune in a move where it turned out everything was alright in the end and everyone fucked off into the sunset.

Not even the rain we’re having in the UK at the moment can kill the mood this reMix induces!

Ellie Goulding – The Writer (Alan Braxe reMix)

‘The Writer’ single is out now.

Ellie Goulding @ Neon Gold

Ellie Goulding @ 7Digital

Ellie Goulding @ Amazon

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