Kids At Midnight & Xander Milne

kids at midnight

Tomorrow Kids At Midnight release their new single, their début for for Vulture Music, and frankly it’s about time too! I literally feel like I’ve been waiting for this release forever.

The single will be a double A-side featuring the tracks ‘Let You Slide’ and ‘No No Yeah Yeah’, alongside the original versions sits this reMix from Xander Milne, who pushed the heavy synth funk with a massive slap bassline and the sweetest of twisted lead lines. It’s quite a laid back summery track but with enough balls to rock the dancefloor. The solid groove works just right for Jane’s vocals to ride over to complete the package. It’s a shame I have neither a) a pool, b) good weather or c) loads of friends who don’t have to get up for work tomorrow, ‘cos this tune has got me in the mood for a pool party.

♫ Kids At Midnight – No No Yeah Yeah (XM reMix)

‘Let You Slide’/’No No Yeah Yeah’ is released tomorrow.

Buy Kids At Midnight’s music from:


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