Starsmith’s new single


Well, this was an unexpected treat for a Thursday morning. Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music have announced the release of ElectroPop producer extraordinaire Starsmith’s second single.

‘Lesson One’ isn’t quite what I was expecting from Mr. Smith, it’s better. The track skilfully walks a path that owes, in equal amounts, to French Touch and  LA Dreamwave.  I’m not sure if it’s actually Fin singing on the track, I know he did say he would be singing himself on his album but the vocals, subtly effected, makes up a large part of the dreamy, laidback groove of the track. Much of the tune harks back to the original days of French Touch (no bad thing!), although updated for 21st century Nu-Disco dancefloors and, of course, all wrapped up with that perfect Starsmith ElectroPop sheen. On the whole ‘Lesson One’, co-written and produced with Braxe himself, has tons more funk than I was anticipating, and this just makes me even more excited for Starsmith’s eventual album release.

♫ Starsmith – Lesson One

‘Lesson One’ is released 22nd August as a double A-side with ‘Champion’.

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