[MP3] Justin Faust reMixes The Knocks’ & Treasure Fingers’ ‘My Body’


The Knocks

If we’re absolutely honest, we found the collaboration between New York DiscoPop duo The Knocks and Atlanta floorfiller Treasure Fingers, two artists we really dig, a little disappointing. My Body just didn’t really do it for us, it felt like these two were trying to  do something, rather than just feeling it. Anyway, have no fear, Germany’s finest, Justin Faust, is here to save the day with this storming reMix.

After his awesome reMix of Night Drive’s Sea Of Light, Faust goes for a seriously pounding warehouse groove on this one, replete with shuffling hi-hats and utterly infectious 90s House hook. Faust build and build an a hypnotic tip, the kind of thing perfectly suited to long nights under the strobe light, preferable in a disused building somewhere, lost in music. A definite improvement over the original, when the beat kick back in after the breakdown, you’ll be grinning like a loon.

The Knocks & Treasure Fingers – My Body (Justin Faust reMix)

The Knocks & Treasure Fingers’ My Body is out now.

Buy The Knocks’ music from:

[MP3] Night Drive’s ‘Sea Of Light’ (+ Treasure Fingers reMix)


Night Drive

Here’s the new one from Austin based SynthWavePop duo Night Drive. Their second single, following June’s Drones, Sea Of Light sees the duo take on a much more commercial Indie-Electro sound, quite a way divorced from the Dreamwave of their début. The single comes packaged with a top collection of reMixes from names like Justin Faust, Elektromekanik, Kulkid and Treasure Fingers.

Sea Of Light is all about the big, Stargate-esque, early 2000’s synth riffs and gangly summery Indie guitar riffs. Having more in common with the likes of like Van She than Miami Nights 1984, Sea Of Light is perfectly primed to explode as a summery hit. This is one for good times with good friends. The mighty Treasure Finger’s take on the track is a deep sweeping Disco groover. A bass heavy, funk fuelled, robotic floorfiller. With a nice, laid back, tempo, this mix still makes you want to move, but it;s quite chilled about it.

Night Drive – Sea Of Light

Night Drive – Sea Of Light (Treasure Fingers reMix)

Night Drive Sea Of Light is out now.

Check out more from Night Drive on SoundCloud.

Shiny Toy Guns & Treasure Fingers

Shiny Toy Guns

Our rekindled love affair with LA Electro-Rockers Shiny Toy Guns continues as everything we’ve heard off their new album, III, so far has been an excellent return-to-form, even embracing a bit of Tropical on their recent single Fading Listening. Shiny Toy Guns have always had a weird relationship with reMixes, they tend to attract  middle-tier Electro producers who have seemed to deliver mediocre reMixes for the band, which we’ve always considered a shame. Shiny Toy Gun’s tracks are amazingly reMix-able, and they have had some talent work on them in the past, but nothing has ever really gelled. Treasure Fingers has a good ol’ attempt here though, and turns in one of the best Shiny Toy Guns reMixes we’ve heard.

His version of Fading Listening nicely plays on the LA Dreamwave vibe of the original and injects it with a little bouncy Electro and some touch Acid burbling. Bringing a little of his hard Disco vibe to the track, Treasure Fingers largely keeps the vocals intact and uses then to their fullest , brining the track down for Carah Faye’s verses and slickly rolling a syncopated synth bass along with the hazy choruses. Treasure Fingers provided a smooth summery Disco tune that heads toward a dirty synth finale. All we need now is for Shiny Toy Guns’ album to come out.

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix)

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is released 22nd October.

Buy Shiny Toy Guns’ music from:

Ladyhawke & Treasure Fingers


Ladyhawke being reMixed by Treasure Fingers? Oh, it’s just like the good old days, or at least 2008, when Pip ruled all and TF reMixed everyone!

So this nostalgic team up actually delivers the goods. Leaning very much in a ‘90’s House direction, Treasure Fingers drops beats, breaks and House Piano liberally only keeping the chorus and the tiniest bit of synth from Ladyhawke’s original. Although much more retro House than he used to be you can still tell a Treasure Fingers production, just like you can always tell Pip’s vocals. Ahh, the memories…

Ladyhawke – Black, White And Blue (Treasure Fingers reMix)

‘Black, White And Blue’ is out now on Modular Recordings.

Buy Ladyhawke’s music from:

Treasure Fingers’ new track

Treasure Fingers

Treasure Fingers, being the generous fella he is, has given away a brand new free track and a thank you for all his fans support.

‘Take My Hand’ will totally Disco up your week. A pure Disco-House floorfiller, smooth and soulful but with enough kick to get the party moving. It’s quite a trick to get things sounding this banger, but this slick too, but that just shows why Treasure Fingers has made the name for himself that he has.

Treasure Fingers – Take My Hand

Buy Treasure Fingers’ music from:


Broke One’s ‘Go Go Go’ reMixes from Russ Chimes & Treasure Fingers

The big tunes for your weekend start right here!

Last week Broke One released his new EP, ‘Stop Making Sense’, which features some storming reMixes of the lead track ‘Go Go Go’. Russ Chimes (oh my god, did you hear the preview of his new EP?) drops this reMix that mashed up equal amounts of Funk and Rave. I’ve never heard Chimes sounding so Ravey but the natural groove running through the man’s veins make for the most Disco sounding Rave ever and fitting those Rave sounds and riffs into a solid groove is a stroke of genius. This is guaranteed to get you moving. Treasure Fingers’s mix treats us to a healthy does of Old School House with abrasive 909 beats tempered by smooth Disco strings and a return of  the ‘It Takes Two’ break and some classic House samples.

♫ Broke One – Go Go Go (Russ Chimes’ Gunman reMix)

♫ Broke One – Go Go Go (Treasure Fingers reMix)

Broke One’s ‘Stop Making Sense’ EP is out now:

Buy Broke One’s music from:


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Miike Snow’s Animal


Miike Snow hail from Sweden and the US and produce some really quirky ElectroPop with touches if Indie, funk and even Reggae thrown into the eccentric mix.

They are dropping their début album this week and this track, ‘Animal’, is the lead in single. It’s a tune that just washes over you, it’s chilled, unique and set to be one of the songs of the summer.

reMixes on the single are provided by Treasure Fingers, Punks Jump Up and Crookers amongst others. With this reMix Treasure Fingers brings a little Italo vibe to the track.

Miike Snow – Animal (zShare) (MediaFire)

Miike Snow – Animal (Treasure Fingers Rmx 1.1) (zShare) (MediaFire)

You can pick up the album and single here:

Miike Snow @ Amazon