Shiny Toy Guns & Treasure Fingers

Shiny Toy Guns

Our rekindled love affair with LA Electro-Rockers Shiny Toy Guns continues as everything we’ve heard off their new album, III, so far has been an excellent return-to-form, even embracing a bit of Tropical on their recent single Fading Listening. Shiny Toy Guns have always had a weird relationship with reMixes, they tend to attract  middle-tier Electro producers who have seemed to deliver mediocre reMixes for the band, which we’ve always considered a shame. Shiny Toy Gun’s tracks are amazingly reMix-able, and they have had some talent work on them in the past, but nothing has ever really gelled. Treasure Fingers has a good ol’ attempt here though, and turns in one of the best Shiny Toy Guns reMixes we’ve heard.

His version of Fading Listening nicely plays on the LA Dreamwave vibe of the original and injects it with a little bouncy Electro and some touch Acid burbling. Bringing a little of his hard Disco vibe to the track, Treasure Fingers largely keeps the vocals intact and uses then to their fullest , brining the track down for Carah Faye’s verses and slickly rolling a syncopated synth bass along with the hazy choruses. Treasure Fingers provided a smooth summery Disco tune that heads toward a dirty synth finale. All we need now is for Shiny Toy Guns’ album to come out.

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix)

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is released 22nd October.

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