[MP3] Justin Faust reMixes The Knocks’ & Treasure Fingers’ ‘My Body’


The Knocks

If we’re absolutely honest, we found the collaboration between New York DiscoPop duo The Knocks and Atlanta floorfiller Treasure Fingers, two artists we really dig, a little disappointing. My Body just didn’t really do it for us, it felt like these two were trying to  do something, rather than just feeling it. Anyway, have no fear, Germany’s finest, Justin Faust, is here to save the day with this storming reMix.

After his awesome reMix of Night Drive’s Sea Of Light, Faust goes for a seriously pounding warehouse groove on this one, replete with shuffling hi-hats and utterly infectious 90s House hook. Faust build and build an a hypnotic tip, the kind of thing perfectly suited to long nights under the strobe light, preferable in a disused building somewhere, lost in music. A definite improvement over the original, when the beat kick back in after the breakdown, you’ll be grinning like a loon.

The Knocks & Treasure Fingers – My Body (Justin Faust reMix)

The Knocks & Treasure Fingers’ My Body is out now.

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Justin Faust’s new EP


Today sees the release of the long awaited new EP from Nu-Disco producer extraordinaire Justin Faust.

Dropping on Discotexas, the ‘Girl Talk’ EP is paced with three tracks and another three reMixes from some of the biggest names in the game. The whole thing is top quality, slickly produced, Electro Disco goodness. The title track is a solid groover with enough funk in its low end and sparkle in it’s top to keep any party jumping. Alongside that monster is ‘High Hopes’, a beautiful synthesizer journey, more mid-tempo and dreamlike than Faust’s usual output but a welcome interlude in the middle in a storing EP. It’s chilled retro sound working as the heart of the EP. Amongst others reMixes come from Bit Funk, who’s filtered Disco blazes through ‘Girl Talk’ and takes it straight to the danceflooor. Doesn’t even buy it a drink first!. Australia’s awesome G.L.O.V.E.S. brings a nice mix-up between Disco and 90’s House which teases you until it kicks back in, after the piano breakdown, with full on synth Funk.

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk

♫ Justin Faust – High Hopes

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

There’s also another original tracks and a massive Dub reMix from Herr Styler on the EP, go check it out!

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