Silenx reMixes R3set


Earlier this year R3set released his retro ElectroPop Disco bomb of an EP, ‘Runaway’, the lead track. particularly, being slick as hell soulful electronic goodness. Not it falls to on of our favourite producers, Silenx, to get us reacquainted with the track.

Silenx version drags the track into epic SynthWave territory with a fidgeting bassline, and a solid Italo beat providing grounding for some synth work that’s is as soulful as the originals vocals. this is just one more peice of genius from the man Silenx.

R3set – Runaway (Silenx reMix)

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Silenx reMixes The Tapeaters

The Tapeaters

The Tapeaters and Silenx. Two of the more interesting act to emerge in the last couple of years.

So for Silenx to work his Nu-Disco excellence on The Tapeaters retro DiscoPop is a bit of a treat. The track ‘Don’t You Dare’ is the Russian duo at their ElectroPop finest and Silenx adds his bright synthy sheen to the tune. The track has a smooth, laid back vibe despite being pretty upbeat, the thick , warm sounds that Silenx uses gives his reMix an little soft Funk, even Yacht, flavour in amonget the kickin’ Disco beats.

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Silenx reMix)

The Tapeaters’ album ‘Visions’ is out now.

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Jowie Schulner X Silenx


Silenx new EP is out soon on Boombar Music, and Boombar head honcho Jowie Schulner steps up for reMix duties.

Silenx and Schulner are two of the leading lights in the next wave of Synthwave/Dreamwave/Post-Nu-Disco-Synth (yeah, just made that up, you can keep it though) scene so the pairing is bound to produce something special. And it does, make sure your sitting down wearing epic protectors when listening to this track, ‘cos it’s epic as hell. Jowie rocks the soaring synth leads and fires them into outer space, they don’t overpower the rest of the track though, made up of rough digital bass and plinky-plonky melodies that are easy on the ear.

♫ Silenx – Kaleidoscope (Jowie Schulner reMix)

Silenx has a new EP out soon on Boombar Music.

Hear the rest on Silenx’s SoundCloud

Silenx’s new track


I get excited every time I see Silenx has a new track out!

‘Long Lost Love’ is a storming track form the Portuguese synthesizer wizard and is loaded with all the best elements you’d expect from the man. A deep pulsating bassline and crystal clear leads run the highs and lows of the track leaving the rest to be filled with huge ‘80’s sounding chords. Silenx always captures an atmosphere if anticipation, a feeling in the air that something amazing is about to happen. Life would be so much better soundtracked by Silenx!

Also, cowbell.

Silenx – Long Lost Love

Silenx has a new EP out soon on Boombar Music.

Hear the rest on Silenx’s SoundCloud

Mz Longstrump’s mortal kombat continues, enter: Silenx


The battle to see who will reign supreme in Fear Of Tigers‘The Adventures’ Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition continues. Silenx bravely enters the arena early with his take on the tune.

Silenx is defiantly a contender with his laid back SynthWave version. The bright 80’s keys that dominate Silenx’s reMix keep it feel good and nostalgic, true to the emotion of the original. With Silenx unique night drive twist, of course. This competition is going to produce some fantastic results, and it;s gonna’ be very hard to win, Silenex, and digitalfoxglove two days ago, have set the bar so high. The biggest winner here will be us, as fans of electronic music.

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Silenx reMix)

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More Futurecop! ‘Starworshipper’ reMixes

With Futurecop!’s ‘Starworshipper’ reMix competition over, and congrats to MPM for the win, we thought this would be a good time to let you check out some of the awesome ‘also rans’.

We’ve already posted the MPM winning entry and Sferro’s smooth mix, but up there as a serious contender for the crown is Ren Riz’s perfect slice of Dreamwave DancePop that compliments and builds on the original with style.  Silenx’s ‘Sunrise reMix’ injects a little synthesizer emotion into the track with his big retro chords and little additional melodies that nicely layer up the track. For those of you wanting something to beef-up the tune check Owl Vision’s, ahem, bang0r, that takes your face and slams it into the dancefloor.

Amazing work by everyone involved.

Futurecop! – Starworshipper (Ren Riz reMix)

Futurecop! – Starworshipper (Silenx Sunrise reMix)

Futurecop! – Starworshipper (Owl Vision reMix)

MPM’s winning entry will feature on Futurecop!’s next release.

Buy Futurecop!’s music from:

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Silenx is Joel Azevedo, a Portuguese producer and relative newcomer to this thing we call Electro.

His music is heavily 80’s Synthsizer Funk influenced Dreamwave. One minute you are treated to a slap bass frenzy and squelchy Moog lead lines, the next it’s dark, deep synth soundtrack stuff. Complex and analog sounding, Silenx’s productions are the perfect 80’s soundtrack tunes, but teen movie fodder this ain’t! With a dark undercurrent the tracks have a driving, exciting edge to them. ‘Midnight Dreamer’ especially shows Joel to have an awesome knack for layering sounds in just the right places.

Silenx – Nightwalker

Silenx – Midnight Dreamer

Silenx’s début EP, ‘Kaleidoscope’ is out soon on Boombar Music.

Silenx @ Facebook

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