New from Silenx


Here’s the brand new one from Portuguese SynthWave wonder Silenx. Hold on to your hate, it’s a full-on, post-Italo, night drive juggernaut. Rocking though the night, cops on his tail, Silenx soundtracks the most high energy of chase scenes, and keeps it dancefloor friendly too.

We get the feeling that this track is kinda’ built off of Silenx’s reMix of Talk To Me by She’s The Queen, the bassline and key changes are very similar. here, he’s taken the essence of that track, and distilled it down to it’s pulsating Disco core. Punchy Italo bass and sweeping retro chords deliver an energetic dance track what stays full of emotion and soul. The production is top-notch too, Silenx always brings his A-game with his production. Clean, well mixed tracks that put many of his contemporaries to shame. Always a pleasure.

Silenx – The Chase

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