[Audio] Silenx reMixes Phunktastike



Mid-last year Argentinian producer Phunktastike delivered his excellent single, Love In The 80s. Now that track is getting a full-on reMix package courtesy of Logical Records and amongst the packed nine track release sits this gem from our friend Silenx. Once again Silenx brings something a little different to the table and washes it in Sci-Fi synths.

Occupying a similar post-Italo territory to the likes of Cinnamon Chasers, Silenx’s mix of Love In The 80s brings an Italo arrangement right up to date with slick production. This is one of Silenx’s best to date, and that’s saying something as the man has an impressive catalogue. It’s got a smooth retro feel, but with enough dancefloor kick to keep Disco lovers happy. Layers with rich, emotional, progressions the song really strikes a chord layering a resonant track with intricate melodies and leads. Beautiful space age noise.

♫ Phunktastike – Love In The 80’s (Silenx reMix)

Phunktastike’s Love In The 80’s: The reMixes is out now.

Buy Phunktastike’s music from:


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