[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Hexocity’



It’s been a while since we’ve had a new original tune from out favourite Portuguese export; Silenx. The man is kicking off the new year in style with this soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Silenx’s blurb for the track makes for compelling reading: “The year is 1981. The place, a parallel universe in which singularity is already a reality. Humans are enslaved by a network of artificial beings whose sole purpose is to migrate their collective consciousness to humanity, thereby reprogramming them to Eden state. However, a hidden mercenary group, helped by a rival faction of other artificial beings known as S.T.O.P (Singularity Termination Operation Plan) is determined not to let that happen.
Their base of operations: Hexocity.
”. The track is as bombastic as it makes itself out to be.

We’re secretly big fans of gun-cocking sounds used as purcussion, so we were pleased to find, amongst the otherworldly synths, a little gun-cock drum fill. this tune is pure cinematic Electro, brimming with growling sounds and ominous tones topped with rich emotional patterns. If the idea of a soundtrack is to convey the emotional tone and excitement of a movie, then we wanna’ see this move right now!

♫ Silenx – Hexocity

Silenx’s Hexocity is out now, pick it up here.

Buy Silenx’s music from:

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