Silenx’s ‘Hyperion’


A new track from from Portuguese funky retro SynthWave guru Silenx is always cause for celebration, and Friday is just when we like them, it;s something to funk out way into the weekend with. So today is Friday, and Silenx has released this little synthetic groove monster, prefect timing.

Hyperion warbles along on a spikey, rolling Moogy bassline full of funk flourishes laying the groundwork for a cosmic array of ringing chimes and inspiring chords. Silenx has dropped another one of his galactic Disco tunes, once again soundtracking a wondrous journey through deep space. Everything in this track is Sci-Fi evocative. The grumbling bassline the ships engines, the resonant chords the depth of space and the twinkling melodies…well, you can guess where we’re going with this. Silenx always manages to make his tunes both funky as hell and dreamily atmospheric. That’s no mean feat and we salute him for it.

♫ Silenx – Hyperion

Hyperion is out now at Silenx’s Bandcamp.

Buy Silenx’s music from:


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