[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Space Love’ reMix EP


Earlier this year Silhouette Music put out the Space Love EP from our friend SynthWaver Silenx. A collection of some of his finest tunes from around that time, the EP held four track worth of massive funky, space age Electro. Now it’s time to revisit Space Love, with a brand new reMix EP holding work from some of the top names on the scene.

Brooklyn synth heads Follow Me kick off the proceedings with a bouncy Italo version of the title track that delivers punchy beats and bass while managing to keep the Sci-Fi tone intact. Germany’s finest, Final DJs, bring a wonderful combination of soaring synths and infectious digital slap bass for their take on Far Far Away. Injecting the EP with an overdose of Disco, Final DJs work up a track that is electronically complex as it is soulful. 80s Stallone’s vintage 80s dancefloor workout version of Long Lost Love brings the core essence of SynthWave to the EP with wobbly chords and digital horns over an addictive Italo-esque groove. The EP leads off with a reMix of Stellar Kiss from Keenhouse. As you would expect, Keenhouse gets emotional and psychedelic with his synths, crafting a futuristic soundscape with a Jazzy twist and delivers the prefect EP closer. Easing the listener out of the heave retro beats with a glorious galactic voyage of swirling synthetic sounds.

♫ Silenx – Far Far Away (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Silenx – Stellar Kiss (Keenhouse reMix)

Silenx’s Space Love: The reMixes is released 17th December.

Buy Silenx’s music from:

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