[Audio] Satin Jackets & Eric Cozier’s new single

Satin Jackets

Germany’s king of laid back boogie Satin Jackets drops a brand new single next month. It’s another team up with his go-to guy for vocals, Eric Cozier, and this one injects a little classic SynthPop into their usual beach Disco world.

We say that because at times, amidst the bouncing Disco bass and shuffled beat, Boys & Girls occasionally feels a little bit Pet Shop Boys to our ears. Maybe it’s Cozier’s deadpan, nostalgic, vocal delivery or the Housieness to the rhythm, but there’s a definite air of mid-80s Pop to the track. Boys & Girls also doubles up on smooth grooves with the most relaxed of vintage Disco sounds, providing a little optimism to go with Cozier’s urban hymn. An awesome slice of dream Disco.

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Eric Cozier) – Boys & Girls (Original Mix)

Boys & Girls is released 11th February with remixes by Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe and A. Fox..

Buy Satin Jackets’ music from:


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