Tesla Boy + Satin Jackets + KLar&PF = The Socialites

The Socialites

Just like Hannibal, we love it when a plan comes together, so do Glam Jam who have put together an unbelievable trio of talent for their latest release. What happens when you put Russia’s Tesla Boy, one of the greatest DiscoPop acts in the world, fellow St. Petersburg based producers KLar&PF and Glam Jam’s own German smooth Disco king Satin Jackets together? The Socialites.

The result is Only This Moment, a track of which their are two versions, Satin Jackets mix and KLar&PF’s take. Both tracks are pinned down by the vocals of Tesla Boy’s Antonionni Sevidov, here doing his best Michael McDonald voice (we don’t think we’ve ever heard him croon so much). Satin Jackets delivers a slick Yacht like mix of the track.. A laidback funk bass and warm organ chords provide a real nautical Disco vibe, sounding like an instant classic. It’s a slow and sexy track that really works it’s groove. KLar&PF’s Only This Moment injects the track with more of an uplifting mood, whilst retaining the chilled Disco sound, it works in some euphoric lead lines and a smooth beach Disco outlook. Glam Jam are on to a late night winner right here.

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (Satin Jackets Mix)

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (KLar&PF Mix)

The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy)’s Only This Moment is released 1st October.

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