[Mixtape] Reflex’s Mixtape ‘#17’



Reflex – Mixtape #17 = Here’s the latest mixtape from Paris’ finest ElectroPop outfit, Reflex. Episode 17 features a colossal 35 track in it’s two hour epicness including a killer intro and a sneaky peak at some forthcoming Reflex goodness.

Reflex – Mixtape #17

The tracklist:
01. Waiting For You (Oliver reMix)
02. Jupiter – Oh! (Colour Vision reMix)
03. Modjo – Lady (Kaytranada reMix)
04. Bondax – Gold (Moonboots reMix)
05. Para One (Feat. Irfane & Teki Latex) – Every Little Thing (Plastic Plates reMix)
06. Viceroy And French Horn Rebellion – Fridays Nights
07. Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Satin Jackets reMix)
08. Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom reMix) (Edit)
09. Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy (Lauer reMix)
10. Tresors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak reMix)
11. Two Door Cinema Club – This Year (JBAG reMix)
12. Chela – Full Moon (G Templeton reMix)
13. Justus Kohncke – Timecode
14. Dunkan Disco – Malibu
15. Hannah Georges – Enemies (Boys Get Hurt reMix)
16. Hello Seahorse – No Es Que No Te Quiera (Bufi reMix)
17. Housse De Racket – Aquarium (Reflex reMix)
18. Rise & Fool – Toy Boy (Le Crayon reMix)
19. Jupiter – Starlighter (JBAG reMix)
20. Bhw – Stop (Nathan Wilkins And Midnight Mike Edit)
21. Breakbot – Easy Fraction (Yaaman reMix)
22. Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – Time Machine (Le Crayon reMix)
23. AV – Venus Bar (Pyramid reMix)
24. Clubfest – Everything You Wanted (Lancelot reMix)
25. Karma Kid – In My Arms
26. Justin Timberlake (Feat. Clara) – Love Sex Magic (Bohdi reMix)
27. Kris Menace – Daylight (Le Crayon reMix)
28. Saint Michel – Katherine (Gildas Kitsuné Club Dub Night reMix)
29. Flight Facilities (Feat. Elizabeth Rose) – I Didn’t Believe
30. Viceroy (Feat. Ghost Beach) – While We’re In Love (Fare Soldi reMix)
31. The Other Tribe – We Should Dancing (Ryan Riot reMix)
32. Alan Braxe (With The Spimes) – One More Chance (Lifelike reMix)
33. Reflex – Together (Ryan Riot reMix)
34. Soulwax – After You
35. Fancy – 69 (JBAG reMix)

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[Audio] Reflex reMix DJ Cam


DJ Cam

Uncomfortable was a single from French legend DJ Cam we featured around this time last year. At the time the release was slated to include a reMix from one of our favourite bands in the world, fellow French ElectroPoppers Reflex, but it never showed up (not in any official capacity anyway). Now, a year later Cam is  bringing out a remix album, succinctly titled reMixed, and low and behold here’s Reflex’s work.

Reflex utilise their penchant for buzzing, funky, synths to it’s fullest here dropping a bucket load of raw analog Disco goodness. Mixing up Chris James’ soulful vocals with Relfex’s galactic synthetic soundtrack results in something a little more exciting than previous reMixes. Arpeggios fly left and right, amid swirling clouds of thick synth tones as Reflex’s SynthPop meets a groove laden Disco bassline. it’s so good I can’t even remember the others.

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (Reflex reMix)

DJ Cam’s reMixed album is released 18th March.

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[Mixtape] Reflex’s new mixtape


Reflex– Mixtape #16 = Woo-hoo! It’s time for another mixtape for awesome French ElectroPopsters Reflex. With a line up of some of our favourite tunes from the last couple of months we’re definitely on the same wavelength here. A whole hour of top DiscoPop gold.

Reflex– Mixtape #16

The tracklist:

01. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It (Bondax reMix)
02. Le Dust Sucker – Mandate My Ass
03. Spiller – Urastar (The Supermen Lovers reMix)
04. MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC reMix)
05. Goldroom (Feat, SSL) – Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok Dip And Drop Mix)
06. Rotkraft – To Love You
07. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love (Waze & Odyssey reMix)
08. Moullinex – Fauna
09. Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote
10. Gigamesh – Don’t Stop (Version 2.0)
11. Oxford – White Pearl
12. Strange Talk – Cast Away (Reflex reMix)
13. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Go Go Bizkitt! Beach Jam)
14. Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)
15. Duke Dumont (Feat. A*M*E) – Need U (100%)
16. Kill The Hero – Surrender (SHAZAM! reMix)
17. Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi reMix)
18. Passion Pit – Carried Away (Ryan Riot reMix)
19. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Alex Metric reMix)
20. Hot Chip – Flutes

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[MP3] Reflex reMix Shindu (+ free Plaisir De France Edit)


One of the stars of the last couple of years, French ElectroPoppers Reflex, have done it again. We’ve covered Belgian outfit Shindu’s new single for Continental Records, Just Go, quite a bit this past month. It’s released as part of the reMix single of Just Go on 10th December and amongst the likes of Kamp!, Plaisir De France and Oxford, will sit this gem from our favourite French duo.

Just Go is a very cool track indeed, so it’s a hard one to top, but Reflex do just that. Loaded with Reflex’s fun and funky take on ElectroPop, with an injection of Disco and tons of quirkiness. A pounding Disco beat and springy synths bounce all over this track with a summery smoothness, perfect for knocking out the winter blues. The little interactions between lead lines are a work of synth art. This is definitely the killer version of this tune.

♫ Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)

While you’re here, check out Continental boss man Mr. Jerry Bouthier’s edit of the Plaisir De France reMix as a free download. It’s got a hypnotic old school rave feel tied up with a Disco-Housey bow.

Shindu – Just Go (Plaisir De France reMix (Jerry Bouthier Edit))

The reMixes of Shindu’s Just Go are released 10th December. The original single is out now.

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New Mixtape from Reflex


Reflex – Mixtape #15 = Mixtapes from French ElectroPop duo Reflex are becoming something to really look forward to. This mighty hour contains some of the best ElectroPop, Indie-Electro and Disco in recent months. Another Stormer!

Reflex – Mixtape #15

The tracklist:

01. The New Sins – Don’t Break My Heart (Tronik Youth reMix)
02. Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots reMix)
03. Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I didn’t Know I Loved
04. Pompeya – Power (Zimmer reMix)
05. Kimbra – Two Way Street (Aeroplane reMix)
06. Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman) (Punks Jump Up reMix)
07. Lindstrom – Re-Ako-St (Todd Terje Edit)
08. Kill The Hero feat. MK De Monde – Surrender (Reflex reMix)
09. Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)
10. Yuksek – the Edge (Aeroplane reMix)
11. DJ Cam – Uncomfortable (Reflex reMix)
12. Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje reMix)
13. Citizens! – True Romance (Gildas reMix)
14. Emil & Friends – Royal Oats (Dubka reMix)
15. Anthony F – Frienzy (Eyeflash reMix)
16. Love is Raining Down (Wilbur reMix)
17. St Lucia – September (Punks Jump Up reMix)
18. Revolver – Let’s Get Together (Ryan Riot reMix)
19. Moullinex – Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh reMix)
20. Live Element – Be Free (Oliver reMix)

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Kill The Hero’s ‘Surrender’

Kill The Hero

Jerry Bouthier’s new imprint Continental Records is just going from strength to strength with a flood of amazing releases. The latest of which will be the new single from Japanese EelctroPop duo Kill The Hero, a storming track called Surrender.

Surrender is a majestic, huge ElectroPop track, played out with heaps of drama. Created by Osaka DJs Taku Hero and Kila and featuring a guest turn from ’80’s Pop legends Scarlet Fantastic’s Maggie K De Monde Surrender brings big retro flavour to a sweeping dancefloor tune that mixes in a little House, a lot of Pop and an infectious hook. The reMix package is pretty stunning too. Highlights include Reflex’s groovy ElectroPop mix, full of stabbing synths and pumping bass, the return of Australia’s SHAZAM! with a hypnotic House track that mixes a ‘90’s sound with SHAZAM!’s Disco leads, Lancelot’s deep, Acid tinged, ‘90’s warehouse workout and Mannequine, who brings the Tropical flavour to the package with a rolling, euphoric slice of beach party Disco. Another mind-blowingly good release from Continental, how long can they keep this up?

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Reflex reMix)

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (SHAZAM! reMix)

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Lancelot reMix)

Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Mannequine reMix)

Surrender is released 24th September.

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Reflex reMix Birkii


We first heard this track on French ElectroPop duo Reflex’s April mixtape. It’s their reMix of fellow Parisian Birkii and her tune Holy War (as featured on Kitsuné Parisien II). Birkii is a French ElectroPop singer who has had a couple of outings with Kitsuné now, gaining quite a bit of attention to those in the know with French Electro for a while now.

Reflex’s mix of Holy War is indicative of how amazing this duo really is. Pumping up the tempo a little and introducing one of their trademark bouncy synth basslines lets the  track nicely build up to it’s choruses which layer retro synths thick. Birkii’s Parisian vocal twang in tandem with Reflex’s, upbeat feel good, Electro is a sweet combination that has a bit of a Yelle feel to it. Check out the original too below, we’ve been keeping an eye on both Birkii and Reflex for a while, maybe you should too.

Birkii – Holy War (Reflex reMix)

♫ Birkii – Holy War

Birkii’s Holy War is released 2nd July with reMixes from Pegase, Equateur, Polocorp, Zémaria and Pol Rax.

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Reflex’s new mixtape


Reflex – Mixtape #13 = This is a storming new mix from the French duo, just check out that tracklisting. Everything that’s good and great in ElectroPop and Disco right now. Phew!

Reflex – Mixtape #13

The tracklist:

01. Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje reMix)
02. Birkii – Holy War (Reflex reMix)
03. Sailor & I – Tough Love (Poindexter reMix)
04. Trésors – Scarface (Juveniles reMix)
05. Museum – Afraid (Reflex reMix)
06. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (G. Vump reMix)
07. Jupiter – One O Six (A.N.D.Y. reMix)
08. Cosmonauts – Stardust (Kolombo reMix)
09. Chateaubriand – The Sunset
10. Aeroplane – Caramellas (Joakim reMix)
11. Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun (Yuksek reMix)
12. Gigamesh – Your Body
13. Citizens “Reptile” Attar! reMix)
14. Reflex – Wavering
15. Hey Today – ‘83
16. Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Reflex reMix)
17. Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave1) – Mr. Overtime (Mickey reMix)
18. Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (The Magician reMix + Dimitri From Paris ‘Erodisco’ mix)
19. Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (Gigamesh reMix)
20. Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Oliver reMix)

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La Zebra & Reflex

zebra remixes

Hot on the heels of their bass slappin’, hard funkin’ single ‘A.S.S. (After School Special)’, LA Disco producer La Zebra are about to drop a reMix EP of staggering proportions.

Alongside some huge reMixes from the likes of  Xinobi and Tobtok is this mix from the Parisian ElectroPop duo who’s name is on everybody’s lips, Reflex. Reflex wash the track in their own particular band of groove laden retro Pop. Carving out it’s own niche against Xinobi’s awesomely twisted Nu-Disco, Tobtok’s cut-up dancefloor monster and Ecxellior’s masses pleasing banger, this reMix stands out as taking the track down a different route, heavy on the sweet ‘80’s synth lines and pulsing Electro Funk basslines. The whole reMix EP makes for some seriously body moving listening.

La Zebra – A.S.S. (After School Special) (Reflex reMix)

The ‘After School Special’ reMixes EP is released 10th April on La Valigetta.

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Reflex’s ‘Wavering’


French duo Reflex, last seen reMixing Juveniles’ ‘Ambitions’ are about to drop their new single, ‘Wavering’.

‘Reflex’ seems like a fitting title for this amazingly ‘80’s sounding ElectroPop act. ‘Wavering’ is all bouncy retro lead lines over a pumping French Disco backing. The track is destined to be pretty big, it has everything you want really, it’s quirky and Indie SynthPop, but at the same time big dancefloor Disco and the sultry French-accented vocals are just the icing on the cake. What’s more, the reMix package is an impressive collection too, our friends JBAG drop a stand out dancefloor Pop mix full of bass groove and strings, while Kido Yoji supplies the single with an injection of Nu-Disco Funk for smooth summer nights. Backed up with a B-Side and equally slick reMixes from Second Date and Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya the whole package comes highly recommended.

♫ Reflex – Wavering

♫ Reflex – Wavering (JBAG reMix)

♫ Reflex – Wavering (Kido Yoji reMix)

‘Wavering’ is released 27th February on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records imprint.

Check out more from Relfex on SoundCloud.