[Audio] Reflex reMix DJ Cam


DJ Cam

Uncomfortable was a single from French legend DJ Cam we featured around this time last year. At the time the release was slated to include a reMix from one of our favourite bands in the world, fellow French ElectroPoppers Reflex, but it never showed up (not in any official capacity anyway). Now, a year later Cam is  bringing out a remix album, succinctly titled reMixed, and low and behold here’s Reflex’s work.

Reflex utilise their penchant for buzzing, funky, synths to it’s fullest here dropping a bucket load of raw analog Disco goodness. Mixing up Chris James’ soulful vocals with Relfex’s galactic synthetic soundtrack results in something a little more exciting than previous reMixes. Arpeggios fly left and right, amid swirling clouds of thick synth tones as Reflex’s SynthPop meets a groove laden Disco bassline. it’s so good I can’t even remember the others.

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (Reflex reMix)

DJ Cam’s reMixed album is released 18th March.

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James Curd & Second Date reMix DJ Cam

DJ Cam

Parisian producer DJ Cam is a bout to release the single ‘Uncomfortable’ on Inflammable Records/Studio !K7, a downtempo, dramatic track with an excellent reMix package.

Amongst those featured are James Curd who picks up the tempo and drops the listener onto his robotic dancefloor. The bulk of the reMix is made up of classic House moments but Curd gives them his own unique Electro twist, a real tune for synthesizer lovers. Second Date go the opposite direction on drop a slick late-night slow jam, full of early ‘90’s R&B tropes and a silky smooth vibe.

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (James Curd Radio reMix)

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (Second Date reMix)

‘Uncomfortable’ is out 19th March and also includes a reMix from one of our current favourite acts, Reflex.

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