[Audio] Reflex reMix DJ Cam


DJ Cam

Uncomfortable was a single from French legend DJ Cam we featured around this time last year. At the time the release was slated to include a reMix from one of our favourite bands in the world, fellow French ElectroPoppers Reflex, but it never showed up (not in any official capacity anyway). Now, a year later Cam is  bringing out a remix album, succinctly titled reMixed, and low and behold here’s Reflex’s work.

Reflex utilise their penchant for buzzing, funky, synths to it’s fullest here dropping a bucket load of raw analog Disco goodness. Mixing up Chris James’ soulful vocals with Relfex’s galactic synthetic soundtrack results in something a little more exciting than previous reMixes. Arpeggios fly left and right, amid swirling clouds of thick synth tones as Reflex’s SynthPop meets a groove laden Disco bassline. it’s so good I can’t even remember the others.

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (Reflex reMix)

DJ Cam’s reMixed album is released 18th March.

Buy DJ Cam’s music from:


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