Kitsuné Parisien II


Kitsuné Music’s main man Gildas Loaëc has teamed up with graffiti artist André for the second round of the best the city of Paris has to offer.

Coming at interesting electronic music from every angle, from the ElectroPunk of Tomorrow’s World, the deep ElectroPop of Owlle, the Outrun Electro of Pyramid and the Indie-electro of Juveniles, every base is covered. The album also includes a new track from BeatauCue. Check out Kitsuné’s resident Pop spinner Mr. Bouthier’s ace MiniMix for a taster.

Kitsuné Parisien II MiniMix By Jerry Bouthier

The tracklist:

01. Tomorrow’s World – So Long My Love
02. Juveniles – Ambitions
03. Owlle – Free (Parisien Mix)
04. LESCOP– La Forêtdans
05. About The Girl – Tiger Evolution
06. Nameless – Angelina
07. Birkii – Holy War
08. BeatauCue – Kiho
09. We Are Knights – Tears
10. Wolfpack Beartrack – Modern Realm
11. Slowdance – Airports
12. Exotica – Spectrum (Radio Edit)
13. LA//KVLKD – Zephyr
14. Pyramid – The Race
15. SingTank –The Party (Lucas Sorel reMix) (Digital Bonus Track)
16. KIT – Those Words(Digital Bonus Track

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