Birkii’s ‘Holy War’ reMixes (with Pégase)


Parisian ElectroPop chanteuse Birkii’s Holy War single was released this week. We took a look at the original and Reflex’s storming reMix last week, now the EP is out we can check out some of the accompanying mixes. It’s quite an eclectic line up of quirky ElectroPop reMixes that makes for an interesting package.

Pégase is up first with a wonderful mixture of ‘80’s sounds and a ‘50’s vibe, it’s really like nothing you’ve heard before but works really well, especially with a track like this. On the surface it’s quite typical of French ElectroPop, slightly left field with a Indie sensibility, but it;s got the almost Rockabilly swing to it that gives it a unique flavour. Pol Rax delivers a pulsating retro synth mix that folds in elements of Italo and SynthWave into it’s spikey ElectroPop, very ‘80’s synths on this one. Also brining a retro feel to their mix is Zemaria. This Brazilian producer turns in a tune with a sweet ‘80’s DiscoPop style. With a nice amount of groove and a big cosmic chorus Zemaria’s mix is kind enough to include some vocoding for us. Thanks.

♫ Birkii – Holy War (Pégase reMix)

♫ Birkii – Holy War (Pol Rax Dance Rmx)

♫ Birkii –  – Holy War (Zemaria reMix)

Birkii’s Holy War is is out now and also features an excellent mixes from Polocorp and Equateur.

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Reflex reMix Birkii


We first heard this track on French ElectroPop duo Reflex’s April mixtape. It’s their reMix of fellow Parisian Birkii and her tune Holy War (as featured on Kitsuné Parisien II). Birkii is a French ElectroPop singer who has had a couple of outings with Kitsuné now, gaining quite a bit of attention to those in the know with French Electro for a while now.

Reflex’s mix of Holy War is indicative of how amazing this duo really is. Pumping up the tempo a little and introducing one of their trademark bouncy synth basslines lets the  track nicely build up to it’s choruses which layer retro synths thick. Birkii’s Parisian vocal twang in tandem with Reflex’s, upbeat feel good, Electro is a sweet combination that has a bit of a Yelle feel to it. Check out the original too below, we’ve been keeping an eye on both Birkii and Reflex for a while, maybe you should too.

Birkii – Holy War (Reflex reMix)

♫ Birkii – Holy War

Birkii’s Holy War is released 2nd July with reMixes from Pegase, Equateur, Polocorp, Zémaria and Pol Rax.

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