Reflex’s ‘Wavering’


French duo Reflex, last seen reMixing Juveniles’ ‘Ambitions’ are about to drop their new single, ‘Wavering’.

‘Reflex’ seems like a fitting title for this amazingly ‘80’s sounding ElectroPop act. ‘Wavering’ is all bouncy retro lead lines over a pumping French Disco backing. The track is destined to be pretty big, it has everything you want really, it’s quirky and Indie SynthPop, but at the same time big dancefloor Disco and the sultry French-accented vocals are just the icing on the cake. What’s more, the reMix package is an impressive collection too, our friends JBAG drop a stand out dancefloor Pop mix full of bass groove and strings, while Kido Yoji supplies the single with an injection of Nu-Disco Funk for smooth summer nights. Backed up with a B-Side and equally slick reMixes from Second Date and Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya the whole package comes highly recommended.

♫ Reflex – Wavering

♫ Reflex – Wavering (JBAG reMix)

♫ Reflex – Wavering (Kido Yoji reMix)

‘Wavering’ is released 27th February on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records imprint.

Check out more from Relfex on SoundCloud.

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