[Audio] Blende reMixes Pyramid’s ‘The Phoenix’



Well, how could this be anything but irresistible? The winner of the electronic rumors Award for best song of 2013, London based producer Blende, remixing our favourite Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid. Released at the end of the month as part of Pyramid’s latest single for Kitsuné Music, The Phoenix sees Pyramid throwing caution to the wind and experimenting with Rap, courtesy of Willy Wesly, over his dystopian Disco.Blende joins Likelife on reMix duties.

Blende brings everything together nicely. The reMix is energetic and fun; playing up to both the rhymes and Pyramid’s piercing, analog sounds but injecting the whole affair which a ton of his (now customary) carefree Funk. Riding on the kind of syncopated bassline that just powers the song forward, Blend layers swooshing synths, furious drum fills and some chorus keys that sound almost Gospel in their majesty to create a track full to bursting point; but never overpowering.

♫ Pyramid (Feat. Willy Wesly) – The Phoenix (Blende reMix)

Pyramid’s The Phoenix is released 27th January. 

Buy Pyramid’s music from:


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