Saint Lou Lou’s ‘Maybe You’

Saint Lou Lou

Saint Lou Lou’s much hyped track Maybe You will be getting a proper release soon. None other than Kitsuné Music picked it up for release and have loaded the single with reMixes from Miami Horror’s drummer Good Night Keaton, CFCF, Oxford,  Le Crayon, Pyramid. Phew!

Maybe You is a dreamy track. Glowing ElectroPop and sparse acoustic guitar seem to float around the speakers while these two Sweeden based Australian twin sisters’ gentle vocals swirl around the track with a grace and epic emotionality that’s rare to come across in such a chilled tune. This is Dream Pop at it;s finest, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s going to lend itself amazingly to some big reMixes, we heard the package and it really does!

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is released 27th August.

Check out more from Saint Lou Lou on SoundCloud.

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