[Audio] Crayon & Pyramid’s So Far Gone’

Crayon & Pyramid

This week saw the long awaited release, on Kitsuné Music, of a collaboration between two of our favourite producers. French Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid has teamed up with fellow Parisian Disco don Crayon (who appears to have dropped the ‘Le’ from ‘Le Crayon’) to release a massive EP that is everything you’d expect when these two synthesizer worlds collide.

The lead track, So Far Gone, is such a beautiful meeting of minds that it transcends both Disco and SynthWave. A laid back, but solid, Disco groove with some fancy bass playing rolls through the track alongside Pyramid’s dystopian synths. You get Acidic growls rubbing shoulder with blissful beach Disco and a really smooth vocal. One of the best tunes of the year so far. The rest of the EP holds Pyramid’s Wolf and Crayon’s Cosma, two individual tracks, and another collaboration, Utopia. Utopia is a bright Cosmic Disco workout full of big bass, buzzing synths and a retro future feel. Pyramid and Crayon then take turns reMixing each others tracks. Pyramid turning Crayon’s Cosma into a bass heave Galactic synth oddessy featuring broken up vocoding and BladeRunner keys. Crayon takes on Pyramid’s Wolf and injects a healthy does of Disco into the dark synth epic and delivers soaring solos in what could be the EP’s standout. It’s EP comes highly recommended, it’s pretty much a must buy release.

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – So Far Gone

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – Utopia

♫ Crayon – Cosma (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Pyramid – Wolf (Crayon reMix)

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