[Audio] Pyramid reMixes Elephanz



French Sci-Fi SynthWaver has unleashed another slice of dramatic Pyramid Electro. This time he goes above and beyond the call of futuristic duty as he busts out a dystopian soundtrack reMix of Nantes Pop-Rock duo Elephanz’s Time For A Change.

The master of cinematic analog Electro delivers once again. Part slow burn dancefloor stormer, part Dark Future Sci-Fi accompaniment, the reMix delivered unremitting waves of unnervingly beautiful synthesizer melodies befitting the main titles of a Gibson novel move alongside bustling Inner City New York beats. The snatches of the originals are a largely superfluous, but welcome addition as Pyramid rocks a raw synth groove like no-one else.

♫ Elephanz – Time For A Change (Pyramid reMix)

Elephanz’s Time For A Change is out now.

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