[Video] Anna Lunoe’s ‘Breathe’


Anna Lunoe   Breathe  Official Video    YouTube

Anna Lunoe’s Breathe is getting all the attention right now with a string of top quality reMixes, including an amazing bit of work by A.N.D.Y.. Now here’s a video to add to the attention pile

The clip is a stunning, strobing, slo-mo, epic than manages to be both retro and futuristic, robotic and human.

Anna Lunoe Breathe is out now.

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[Audio] Anna Lunoe’s ‘Breathe’



After a rash of awesome releases on Future Classic, including collaboration with Flume and Touch Sensitive, Australian producer Anna Lunoe has just dropped a huge tune via Fool’s Gold/Ultra Music. The track, Breathe, was co-producer by Vaughn Oliver, A.K.A. U-Tern (or as he’s probably better know these days, one half of Oliver). Smouldering Deep House vibes for the weekend.

With one foot in the early 90s, Lunoe delivers a futuristic floorfiller that listens like a record of early dance music production techniques . Amongst the stuttered sampling and sinewave bassline, Lunoe serves up an intoxicating and catchy ElectroPop tune. Utterly irresistible, Breathe delivers everything you want right in the middle of the night, on the middle of the dancefloor. A sure-fire hit, just you wait and see,

♫ Anna Lunoe – Breathe

Anna Lunoe Breathe is out now.

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[Video] Oliver’s ‘Night Is On My Mind’


Oliver   Night Is On My Mind   YouTube

Night Is On My Mind wasn’t our favourite track from LA duo Oliver’s Mechanical EP of earlier this year, but in combination with this new video it;s pretty awesome.

The video, directed by Greg Brunkalla, is funny and cool and shows off a nice vintage cinematography.

Oliver’s Mechanical EP is out now.

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[MP3] Oliver reMixes Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’


Bonnie McKee

LA based Oliver themed Nu-Disco duo Oliver go especially large with their latest reMix. Inhabiting a mid-way point between their older smoother Dreamwave Nu-Disco style and some of their more recent, more commercial Electro-House output, this reMix of upcoming American Pop singer Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’ could see the guys getting some major attention.

Imagine someone walked up to you and said “here is a catchy, sing-a-long Pop tune that has been reMixed for the big room”, that’s exactly what Oliver have delivered here. Everything is turned up to 11, big synths, big beats, big riffs. This one obviously been geared to appeal to America’s current wave of dance music frenzy, but still retains that classic Oliver ,musicality and soulful flare to give it the edge on the competition.

Bonnie McKee – American Girl (Oliver reMix)

Bonnie McKee’s American Girl is out now.

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[MP3] Oliver reMixes Mayer Hawthorne


Mayer Hawthorne

The first single from LA Funk-Popster Mayer Hawthorne’s new album Where Does This Door Go? has been reMixes by fellow LA denizens, the Oliver themed Nu-Disco duo Oliver. The Jessie Ware featuring Her Favorite Song is out later this month and Oliver have tuned it into the perfect piece of late night Funk.

This one’s stuffed to splitting point with thick synth bass, smooth drums and silky leads. This almost feels like Dreamwave Oliver of old, and fits the vocals like a glove. About a 100% improvement over the original, where middle of the road rock meets Pop Funk, this mix is pure synth soul. Just let yourself be carried away on a sea of Moog Funk basslines and rich retro sounds. Jesse Wares vocal contributions, as brief as they are, really make the tune in some ways, we’d have liked to hear more of her in the song. A Ware and Oliver track would be awesome. Oliver’s mix of Her Favourite Song is a moonlight track if ever we heard one.

Mayer Hawthorne (Feat. Jessie Ware) – Her Favorite Song (Oliver reMix)

Mayer Hawthorne’s Her Favorite Song is released 16th July.

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[MP3] Oliver & Thee Mike B reMix Blondie



The awesome Oliver themed duo of Oliver decided that they wanted to give away something special when they hit 10,000 followers on SoundCloud. That they druid, and that they have. Teaming up with fellow LA resident Thee Mike B they have dropped this groovy reMix of Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’, our fifth favourite Blondie song.

Weirdly, despite the presence of a pumping beat, beefed up bassline and definite contribute of new elements, this version sounds, and feels, more like and edit than a fully fledged reMix. That’s not to say it’s not pretty much amazing though, loaded with a mixture of Blondie’s burgeoning Disco Post-Punk cool and Oliver’s laid back LA Funk. A great party tune and a great free gift.

Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B reMix)

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[Mixtape] Oliver’s ‘Solé Fixtape’


Oliver – Solé Fixtape Vol. 8 = Following on from Goldroom’s stunning effort, LA Disco duo Oliver are next to drop a mixtape for bike manufacturer Solé. A whopping twenty-three of Olivers choice Disco and House cuts are fit into that boogie fuelled hour.

♫ Oliver – Solé Fixtape Vol. 8

The tracklist:

01. Oliver – Night Is On My Mind
02. DJ Day – Beta (Recloose’s Hit It Quit It Edit)
03. Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex reMix (Slow Edit))
04. Zombie Nation – Maingame
05. Miss Kitten – Come Into My House
06. Prins Thomas – Flau Pappadans 1
07. Daniel Avery – Water Jump
08. Grand Corporation – Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Instrumental)
09. Luna Circus – Once Upon a Time
10. Supernova – Energizer (Supernova 2013 Mix)
11. Chicken Lips – He Not In
12. Gesaffelstein – Video Exposition
13. Little Dragon – My Step
14. Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1
15. Eli Escobar – Work It
16. Scott Hardkiss – Come On Come On (Morgan Geist reMix) 
17. Djedjotronic – Walk With Me
18. D.I.M. – Eternal
19. Eigo – Bring It
20. Noob – Freak People
21. Fake Blood – All In The Blink
22. Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (SHAZAM reMix)
23. Robots With Rayguns (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Right Through Me

Oliver’s Mechanical EP is out now.

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[Audio] Oliver’s ‘Mechanical’ EP


This week lauded LA Dreamwave duo of Olivers, Oliver, released a brand new EP on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records imprint. An EP that had been pretty polarising amongst fans of their smooth west coast Disco sound. The Oliver’s had been hinting that they would be branching out, style wise, for a while now, but delivering an EP containing hard hitting Electro tunes has raise as many eyebrows as it has smiles.

So, how is it really. Well, for a start it;s very good. even if it’s not to your taste, there’s no denying that it is an amazingly produced EP, these two are really at the top of their game, and on the whole, despite the odd cheesy Electro riff, Oliver’s should does shine through in the track. MYB is about 70% standard rave tune with the occasional glimpses of the Oliver brilliance we know and love. Similarly Night On My Mind  promises to be a deep, moody, SynthWave tune, until the big early 2000’s Electro-House riff kicks in to ruin things. All is not lost though, the EP’s title track, Mechanical, is an absolutely beautiful, growling, synthetic ballad. Haunting vocals, lush synths, big retro drum fills, it;s an amazing tune. Alongside which sits Control, the track most people seem to have picked up on. A rapid fire, Funk laden, assault of arpeggios and vintage keys. Infectiously danceable and packed with more robo-boogie than a robo-boogie factory. Oliver’s Mechanical is a mighty fine EP, it just might not be the EP you were expecting.

♫ Oliver – Mechanical

♫ Oliver – Control

Oliver’s Mechanical EP is out now.

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[Audio] Oliver reMix Black Van


Black Van is, of course, the duo of German Electro-Disco master Kris Menace and long-time collaborator, Moonbootica’s KoweSix. These two have released some cool shit over the years, gracing some of Disco’s top labels, the likes of DFA and Permanent Vacation. This twosome is back together and have just released a brand new single, Inside. Amongst the big beats is this reMix from LA Dreamwave, and Oliver themed, duo, Oliver.

It seems like this reMix is a nice indication of where these two have been, and where they are going. If you’ve heard their recent collaboration with A-Trak, and their thoughts on the matter, you’ll be aware that the guys are expanding their sound. Maybe they are taking in a wider Dance music scope, bringing a bit of the current American Dance music markets grit to their tune, adding it to their smooth Disco fuelled Dreamwave. But this reMix for Black Van seems to be the best of both worlds. Soulful and dreamy as their best LA vibed tunes, but with a pounding Electro groove. It’s like a tune made of stardust. From the big stabs, to the shimmering lead line, to the totally rocking beat, everything about this track is right on the money.

♫ Black Van – Inside (Oliver reMix)

Black Van’s Inside is out now.

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Oliver X Aeroplane


Well, it’s finally here. The long awaited reMix of Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly, by LA Oliver duo Oliver. the fact that they’ve waited so long to release this much sought after track, even if they were saving it for Eskimo Records’ Eskimonde compilation, is quite bizarre, and probably harmed the track in terms of visibility. It’s easily worth the wait, but a bit disappointing that what could have been one of the tunes of the summer (summer 2010 that is) has been kinda’ wasted.

But, like we said, it was worth the wait. Thanks in majority to Oliver. The duo of Oliver ‘Oligee’ Goldstein and Vaughn ‘U-Tern’ Oliver have always been at the top of their game. Even two years ago they were producing slicker Dreamwave tinged Disco tunes than almost everybody else, and this reMix just proves it. It revolves around the vocals and this huge Funk synth riff that you just can’t help but nod your head too. It’s pure good times Disco with their trademark relaxing LA vibe. It’s a majestic track, that’s practically a dancefloor religious experience. Oh, and a little cowbell never hurt anyone.

♫ Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Oliver reMix)

Oliver’s reMix of Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly will feature on Eskimo Records’ tenth anniversary box-set, Eskimonde – A Decade Of Eskimo Recordings, which drops 31st October.

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