[Audio] Oliver’s ‘Mechanical’ EP


This week lauded LA Dreamwave duo of Olivers, Oliver, released a brand new EP on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records imprint. An EP that had been pretty polarising amongst fans of their smooth west coast Disco sound. The Oliver’s had been hinting that they would be branching out, style wise, for a while now, but delivering an EP containing hard hitting Electro tunes has raise as many eyebrows as it has smiles.

So, how is it really. Well, for a start it;s very good. even if it’s not to your taste, there’s no denying that it is an amazingly produced EP, these two are really at the top of their game, and on the whole, despite the odd cheesy Electro riff, Oliver’s should does shine through in the track. MYB is about 70% standard rave tune with the occasional glimpses of the Oliver brilliance we know and love. Similarly Night On My Mind  promises to be a deep, moody, SynthWave tune, until the big early 2000’s Electro-House riff kicks in to ruin things. All is not lost though, the EP’s title track, Mechanical, is an absolutely beautiful, growling, synthetic ballad. Haunting vocals, lush synths, big retro drum fills, it;s an amazing tune. Alongside which sits Control, the track most people seem to have picked up on. A rapid fire, Funk laden, assault of arpeggios and vintage keys. Infectiously danceable and packed with more robo-boogie than a robo-boogie factory. Oliver’s Mechanical is a mighty fine EP, it just might not be the EP you were expecting.

♫ Oliver – Mechanical

♫ Oliver – Control

Oliver’s Mechanical EP is out now.

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