[Download] A.N.D.Y. reMixes Anna Lunoe’s ‘Breathe’


Anna Lunoe

Ready for something bassy and boomy? Here’s Belgian electronic Maestro A.N.D.Y.’s reMix of Anna Lunoe recent single Breathe. A.N.D.Y.’s giving the track away as he’s got a lot to celebrate. Being signed to Sony Music, handled by Live Nation and a string of festival appearances added up to a killer 2013 for the man. He’s particularly Belgian reMix is the perfect way to end the year.

Kicking off with a early Electro beat, loaded with B-Boy vibes, the track soon charges head first into the realms of mid-80s Belgian EBM. Clanging Industrial percussion and, metallic, sampled riffs conjure up a back-clad stomp which you would thing contrasted with the tracks House roots, or the the big piano House breakdowns in the reMix, but it really doesn’t. Add a sprinkling of Acidic burbling and you’ve got a melting pot of electronic awesome.

Anna Lunoe – Breathe (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Anna Lunoe Breathe is out now.

Buy Anna Lunoe’s music from:

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