Breakbot & Oliver


We all got hold of the surprising B-side to French groover Breakbot’s new single a while back. Now we can check out the singles lead track which sees Breakbot back together with Irfane and sounding a bit more like the Breakbot we all know and love.

‘One Out Of Two’ is a gorgeous slice of late ‘70’s synthesizer Funk which, like the B-Side, Programme’ sees Breakbot working some interesting instrumentation into his tracks. It’s some seriously smooth, lazy Disco with a uplifting catchy chorus. Also it sounds like a wacky late ‘70’s sitcom theme. The standout of the single is easily the reMix from LA Oliver themed duo Oliver, who consistently blow us away with each new track. Here they bring a sexy late night vibe to the track with that mix of Disco and Dreamwave that Oliver do best. Wicked Disco licks and strings sit next to bouncy retro synths as Oliver work the vocal and make it even more catchy than the original.

♫ Breakbot (Feat. Irfane) – One Out Of Two (Oliver reMix)

♫ Breakbot (Feat. Irfane) – One Out Of Two

‘One Out Of Two’ is out today.

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Oliver reMix Foster The People

Foster The People

L.A. Oliver themed production duo Oliver’s reMix of ‘Dont Stop’, the new single from Foster The People has been knocking around a while now, but now it has dropped through official channels the goodness is there  for all to hear.

Oliver are right up there, the double act of Oliver ‘Oligee’ Goldstein and Vaughn ‘U-Tern’ Oliver, are easily in the top tier of Dreamwave producers, and perfectly positioned to combine L.A. Dreamwave with funker Nu-Disco sounds to become the epitome of the sound. their reMix of ‘Don’t Stop’ comes hot on the hells of their amazing contribution to Punks Jump Up and Dave 1’s ‘Mr. Overtime’ single, where they stole the show mere days later they drop another Disco bomb. Liberally applying vocdocer to the vocals and a bouncy Moogy bass, Oliver take the track to big uplifting places. It’s all about the ass shaking bass and huge synth stabs. Six minutes of dancefloor gold that never wavers and keeps the energy of the Indie-Electro original.

♫ Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Oliver reMix)

the ‘Don’t Stop (Color The Walls)’ single is out now, the reMixes should be out soon.

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Punks Jump Up & Chromeo’s Dave 1 with Oliver & Mickey

Punks Jump Up

The new Punks Jump Up single, ‘Mr. Overtime’, as I’m sure you’ll have heard by now, is a blinding slice of DiscoPop featuring the dulcet tones of none other than Chromeo’s Dave 1, doing a little overtime himself we see. I think we can pretty much all agree that Chromeo are probably the best band in the world working today, and if you don’t agree see them live and come back to me. Whilst Dave lending his production chops isn’t that rare, hearing his voice on a non-Chromeo record is something particularly interesting.

So, can ‘Mr. Overtime’ live up to the be the sum of it’s parts. Why yes, yes it can! Slick and Funktastic with a slightly dark edge to it, the track comes with a package featuring some of the best reMix talent around. Alongside Gigamesh we get the almighty double Oliver combo of Oliver who layer on thick vocoding and the kind of sliding synth bass that you can get totally lost ing. Oliver’s awesome mix of LA Dreamwave with a French Touch flavour is simply perfect for this tune. It still sounds slightly edgy, but the squelchy Electro Funk riffs are going to slay whatever dancefloor it drops on. A man like Mickey is up next, bringing with him the essence of late ‘80’s discotheques. With a retro good-times bassline that seems to compliment Dave 1’s vocals Mickey starts to bring in a Tropical flavour, but with a twist. This is’80’s Tropical grooves. All the palm trees are inflatable here! A stunning, and highly recommended single that we’re going to be hearing a lot from this summer.

♫ Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime (Oliver reMix)

♫ Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime (Mickey reMix)

‘Mr. Overtime’ is released 30th April on Moda.

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Oliver’s new EP


Oliver (A.K.A.  Oliver ‘Oligee’ Goldstein and Vaughn ‘U-Tern’ Oliver are back, fresh from their placing in our top reMixes of the year with a brand new EP for Kitsuné Music.

The move to Kitsuné sees them, appropriately, mixing a little dirty Euro House into their Nu-Disco and Dreamwave sound to produce a massive club anthem that is sure to explode this month. reMixes come from Punks Jump Up with a synthetic Funk mix full of robotic synths and mechanical beats and Kris Menace’s Black Van project, who turn in an unsurprisingly big room version led by a twisting bright lead line. The other original track on the EP, ‘Walk With Me’ closes the record with Oliver’s LA Disco roots in full effect and a summertime vibe.

♫ Oliver – Dirty Talk (Punks Jump Up MBO mix)

♫ Oliver – Dirty Talk (Black Van reMix)

The ‘Dirty Talk’ EP is released 16th January.

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Oliver’s ‘Footsteps’


The two Olivers in one, Oliver,  are back with another slice of Dreamwave awesomeness.

‘Footsteps’ is solid as a rock with a slow build to floaty, light, vibe underpinned with a machine groove. With a slow pulsating lead hook that draws you in and spits you out over and over again, the two Oliver’s have dropped yet another six minutes of Nu-Disco gold. Separately they (U-Tern & Oligee) are world class producers, together they are unstoppable.

♫ Oliver – Footsteps

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Oliver features on Aeroplane’s ‘In Flight Entertainment’


So, Vito Aeroplane’s eagerly awaited ‘In Flight Entertainment’ compilation is out, and it’s good, very good. Maybe not the game-changer that some are making it out to be, but if you drop your expectations what you have is fourteen solid Nu-Disco tracks to get you dancing.

After an Poolside and B-Xentric! open the album in awesome style it kinda’ drops the flow a little bit with a few meandering tunes but once Aeroplane’s own ‘Save Me Now’ kicks in it’s  pure gold until the end of the album. Kolombo, Riptide, Cosmonauts, James Curd and Moonlight Matters all totally nail it, but it Oliver’s contribution that, alongside ‘Save Me Now’ is the real standout of the compilation. ‘Memories Of The Future is a massive Jean Michel-Jarre meets Daft Punk epic which will fascinate and enthral both the Disco dancer and the synth head.

♫ Oliver – Memories Of The Future

‘In Flight Entertainment’ is out now.

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Oliver reMixes Sneaky Sound System


Sneaky Sound System tore up the Roller Disco at Bestival this past weekend so it’s was nice to come home to this, a meeting of one of out favourite ElectroPop acts and one of out favourite Dreamwave double acts.

The two Olivers of Oliver give Sneaky Sound System’s new single ‘Big’ a Nu-Disco workout worthy of the tracks name. it’s big. Massive synth chords, a huge Electro-House riff and gargantuan drums. Yup, it’s all got a bit…er…bigger.

♫ Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver reMix)

Sneaky Sound System’s new album, ‘From Here To Anywhere’, is due out in October.

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Oliver reMixes Housse De Racket


Oh Oliver, you crazy Olivers, can you do no wrong? These two’s latest reMix, of Housse De Racket’s latest single ‘Roman’, will easy to into your weekends partying.

Every second of this mix provides instant gratification, there is an immediacy to the feel good synths that counteracts with the laid back Disco backing. The Indie-Electro original is a good tune, but this reMix takes it to the next level…and on to the dancefloor…in hot pants.

Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver reMix)

‘Roman’ is taken from their second album Alesia, out 22nd August on Kitsuné

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Oliver’s ‘I Need You’


U-Tern & Oligee’s Oliver project just keeps going from strength to strength.

their latest tune, ‘I Need You’ is a massive slice of West Coast Disco. Boasting a bouncy bassline, and 80’s refrain and a deep Funk vocal the track is pure retro Electro Disco gold. The duo are going to make the track available for download when it reaches 20,000 plays.

So get playing!

♫ Oliver – I Need You

Check out more from Oliver on SoundCloud.

Oliver reMixes Penguin Prison

Oliver, the duo consisting of U-Tern & Oligee, are playing a prefect game. Not a bad release so far, making them one of the most exciting production teams of the year. Their new reMix of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ is jaw-droppingly good!

This track is so 80’s, Oliver have taken the Indie-Electro of Penguin Prison and tuned him into Nik Kershaw, and I mean that in the best way possible. With Olvier’s slick contemporary production this could quite easily be a modern remaster of an 80’s 12” extended version. The prefect meeting of 80’s songwriting and Dreamwave studio skills.

I love a bit of Penguin Prison, both live and recorded, so keep that in mind when I say Penguin Prison has never sounded so good!

♫ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Oliver reMix)

No idea of a release date for the ‘Fair Warning’ single yet, we’ll let you know when we do.

Penguin Prison @ Neon Gold

Penguin Prison @ 7Digital

Penguin Prison @ Amazon

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