[Download] Phunktastike reMixes Blondie’s ‘Rapture’



We gotta’ say, this is pretty special. Argentina Nu-Disco bass-merchant Phunktastike has delivered this reMix of Blondie’s classic Rapture. It’s a track that’s been reMixes a few times recently, but Phunk’s take on the track is hands down the best we’ve heard to date as the man whips the track into 2014 dancefloor shape whist keeping true to the groove of the original. Dat bass!

Yup, this one’s all about that bassline. Deep and rumbling, the bass in this reMix is utterly intoxicating, drawing to into the smooth, floorfilling, vibe of the track. Debbie Harry’s vocals remain largely intact, including the rap (thank you Phunk!) and are now served up as an ethereal siren’s song over a Sci-Fi Disco, electronic soundscape. Brooding and moody, but with heaps of Funk, this is a retro-future boogie monster that is going to be on repeat ‘round here for a while.

Blondie – Rapture (Phunktastike reMix)

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[MP3] Oliver & Thee Mike B reMix Blondie



The awesome Oliver themed duo of Oliver decided that they wanted to give away something special when they hit 10,000 followers on SoundCloud. That they druid, and that they have. Teaming up with fellow LA resident Thee Mike B they have dropped this groovy reMix of Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’, our fifth favourite Blondie song.

Weirdly, despite the presence of a pumping beat, beefed up bassline and definite contribute of new elements, this version sounds, and feels, more like and edit than a fully fledged reMix. That’s not to say it’s not pretty much amazing though, loaded with a mixture of Blondie’s burgeoning Disco Post-Punk cool and Oliver’s laid back LA Funk. A great party tune and a great free gift.

Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B reMix)

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