[MP3] Oliver reMixes Mayer Hawthorne


Mayer Hawthorne

The first single from LA Funk-Popster Mayer Hawthorne’s new album Where Does This Door Go? has been reMixes by fellow LA denizens, the Oliver themed Nu-Disco duo Oliver. The Jessie Ware featuring Her Favorite Song is out later this month and Oliver have tuned it into the perfect piece of late night Funk.

This one’s stuffed to splitting point with thick synth bass, smooth drums and silky leads. This almost feels like Dreamwave Oliver of old, and fits the vocals like a glove. About a 100% improvement over the original, where middle of the road rock meets Pop Funk, this mix is pure synth soul. Just let yourself be carried away on a sea of Moog Funk basslines and rich retro sounds. Jesse Wares vocal contributions, as brief as they are, really make the tune in some ways, we’d have liked to hear more of her in the song. A Ware and Oliver track would be awesome. Oliver’s mix of Her Favourite Song is a moonlight track if ever we heard one.

Mayer Hawthorne (Feat. Jessie Ware) – Her Favorite Song (Oliver reMix)

Mayer Hawthorne’s Her Favorite Song is released 16th July.

Buy Mayer Hawthorne’s music from:


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