[Audio] Oliver reMix Black Van


Black Van is, of course, the duo of German Electro-Disco master Kris Menace and long-time collaborator, Moonbootica’s KoweSix. These two have released some cool shit over the years, gracing some of Disco’s top labels, the likes of DFA and Permanent Vacation. This twosome is back together and have just released a brand new single, Inside. Amongst the big beats is this reMix from LA Dreamwave, and Oliver themed, duo, Oliver.

It seems like this reMix is a nice indication of where these two have been, and where they are going. If you’ve heard their recent collaboration with A-Trak, and their thoughts on the matter, you’ll be aware that the guys are expanding their sound. Maybe they are taking in a wider Dance music scope, bringing a bit of the current American Dance music markets grit to their tune, adding it to their smooth Disco fuelled Dreamwave. But this reMix for Black Van seems to be the best of both worlds. Soulful and dreamy as their best LA vibed tunes, but with a pounding Electro groove. It’s like a tune made of stardust. From the big stabs, to the shimmering lead line, to the totally rocking beat, everything about this track is right on the money.

♫ Black Van – Inside (Oliver reMix)

Black Van’s Inside is out now.

Buy Black Van’s music from:


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