Mirror People’s ‘Kaleidoscope’

Mirror People

The awesome Discotexas’ latest release comes from stable member Mirror People and an insanely infectious tune called Kaleidoscope. Released today, this tune has been getting tons of play and support from the likes of The Magician, Bottin, Bag Raiders, Moullinex, B-Xentric! and MiGHty mOUse. Deservedly too, it’s pure crazy fun Disco.

With a twisted P-Funk bassline and a melody that worms it’s way into your brain like some insidious mind control, Kaleidoscope is built on the foundations of a solid beat and a hypnotic loop. Add a few Acidic burbles and shiny chiming leads and you have a floorfiller that is all about the good times. Discotexas cohort Xinobi supplies the reMix, mixing in a little of his left-field Disco and Italo sounds. even going so far as to make things a bit soulful with a nice piano line. One again, Discotexas have delivered a top quality party rocker.

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Xinobi reMix)

Mirror People’s Kaleidoscope is out today on Discotexas.

Buy Mirror People’s music from:


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