Adamski’s ‘I Like It ‘ EP


Adamski has had a long and illustrious career. Instrumental in bringing dance music to the Pop masses when he, along with his Ensoniq SQ80, brought digital synths into Acid House (I had an SQ80, used to spend ages trying to copy Adamski!) and gave the world Seal (movie soundtracks would never be the same again). That was back in ‘89, and he’s been recording off and on ever since, sometimes as Adamski, and in recent times as Adam Sky.

But it took our friend Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records to get him to don the Adamski hat once more for his forthcoming ‘I Like It’ EP, and it strangely sounds just like Adamski should! The lead track is a big Disco-tinged rave monster. It’s a definite London vibe, deep, hypnotic riffs and brain infecting synths work best on the capitals dark mysterious dancefloors. Places you can loose yourself in a track that takes in the last two decades of the producer’s career. ‘Wot Happened To You?’ is more straight-up Nu-Disco, still with a strong ‘90’s House vibe but more of a solid groove and slick Disco guitar snatches here and there. We first heard ATTAR!’s reMix of ‘I Like It’ on the last Aeroplane mixtape and it does an amazing job or reining the track in with a solid bassline and, naturally cowbell (the only thing the original track didn’t have). ATTAR!’s mix has such an epic lead line that’s pure euphoria inducing, there’s no way that this won;t kill on the dancefloor. Discotexas’ Mirror People smooth things out even more with their late ‘70’s Funk inspired Disco workout of ‘Wot Happened To You?’. moving you with the Disco and surprising you with some Rave keys. Holding the read is another mix of ‘Wot Happened To You?’ from French synth guru Blackjoy with a Disco sampling dark and moody Italo version that stands out from the pack in it’s pure difference to the rest, it’s an epic, cinematic track that is the perfect closer.

♫ Adamski – I Like It

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U?

♫ Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! reMix)

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Mirror People reMix)

Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Blackjoy reMix)

The ‘I Like It’ EP is released 28th May on Continental Records and includes a reMix from Blackjoy as well.

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