New Order edited by Mirror People

New Order

New Order’s ‘5 8 6 ’, form 1983,  was a prime example of the bands early experiments with synths being at the forefront of their music. Having just discovered Disco many of the tracks on the ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ album have a dance groove, but not all of them would stand up on todays dancefloors, including ‘5 8 6’…Mirror People thought he’d see to that.

Mirror People’s edit of ‘5 8 6’ gives the track a new burst of raw energy. Emphasising the kick and some of the synths, and adding a few stabs here and there, the changes are quite subtle, but make all the difference in the mix.

New Order – 5 8 6 (Mirror People Edit)

‘5 8 6’ is taken from New Order’s 1983 album, ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’.

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