Keith Masters’ new album

Keith Masters

If you are at all a fan of retro Electro you’ll have probably, possible unknowingly, got down to Mr. Keith Masters before. He’s the provider of rhymes on Futurecop!’s track, including the amazing ‘Tonite’s Hero’. This week the man drops his new album, ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’ on Keiz Beats.

The album, and Keith’s music in general, is a strange beast. It’s genre destroying, that’s a phrase I absolutely hate but in this case it’s actually true. There’s a lot of ways you could describe Keith’s style, but when it comes down to it what you’ve got here is SynthWave and Nu-Disco Hip Hop. And it works, it works so well. There’s two really great elements to what’s on offer here; the music is real slick retro ElectroPop, mixed up with the occasional Hip Hop beat amongst the soaring synths and Keith’s rhymes are so involving. Littered with pop cultural references, hipster commentary and geek Easter eggs alongside the expected raps, all delivered with a laid back flow that suits the music in an unexpectedly perfect way. if you’re looking for something a little different, you could do a lot worse than check out Keith Masters’ ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’.

♫ Keith Masters – I Love To Floss (Flashworx reMix)

♫ Keith Masters (Feat. Natalie Oliveri) – Let’s Talk About (Produced by Futurecop!)

♫ Keith Masters (Feat. Digikid84) – Rebel  (Produced by Digikid84)

♫ Keith Masters – Gary Busey (Life Good) (Produced by Ren Riz)

Keith Masters’ ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’ is out now.

Buy Keith Masters’ music from:


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