Stellar Dreams

Stellar Dreams

Wow, Malaysia is really knocking out some seriously good synth music these days, not the first country that springs to mind when thinking about Nu-Disco and SynthWave, but if Dizkopolis have taught us anything, it;s not to underestimate the the epic synth power of Kuala Lumpur.

Joining their fellow countrymen comes Stellar Dreams. This duo cite Kavinsky and Daft Punk as influences but also seem to have a lot in common with the SynthWave scene. Their début track, Nightvoid is a brooding slice of post-Italo atmospherics. The sounds in this tune are really piercing, a densely layered track where each sound still cuts through the mix. Iqwan Ridzuwan and Khairil Shah cook up a thoroughly emotive track, conjuring the loneliness of the open road, a true night driving anthem.

♫ Stellar Dreams – Nightvoid

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