[MP3] Stellar Dreams’ ‘Nightvoid’

Stellar Dreams

We first featured Malaysian outfit Stellar Dreams’ brooding SynthWave epic Nightvoid mid last year. Not the track is getting a full single release via Keiz beats with a host of complimentary reMixes. Daryl and Wolf Saga step up for mix duties while the original is put in prime position as the standout of the package.

As we mentioned last time, Nightvoid is an atmospheric, evocative, retro piece. A marching post-Italo epic, multi layers with vintage synth sounds compounded into a soulful opus by Dana Jean Phoenix’s big, authentically 80s, vocals. Belgian Daryl delivers a groovy, jackin’, warehouse version of the track. The vocals in this mix are slightly pitched up. I know! Pitched up! Breaking the now tedious cliché of pitching down vocals for Chicago House track, Daryl flies in the face of convention on turns in an energetic House anthem. Wolf Saga takes a different approach, making his version of Nightvoid a deep unrelenting, SynthWave mix with powerful drums and upping the atmospherics even more. Finally, a solid release for this awesome tune.

♫ Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Original Mix)

Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Daryl reMix)

Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Wolf Saga reMix)

Stellar Dreams’ Nightvoid is released 11th March.

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