[Audio] Juveniles’ ‘Strangers’, with reMixes from Jupiter & Le Crayon



French ElectroPoppers Juveniles are back this week with a brand new single and some tasty reMixes. Strangers was released yesterday, this first since last November’s Through The Night re-release, and is taken from the duo’s forthcoming début album. reMixes in the package come from the stellar line-up of Jupiter and Le Crayon.

Strangers is a rollicking slice of Indie-Electro produced by none other than Yuksek, and you can tell. The track has a bit of that Yuksek raw Disco sound. Heavy on the bass, Strangers works subdued verses in order to deliver the anthemic good in the choruses. Fellow French duo Jupiter’s take on the tracks is hypnotically basslined Space Disco epic where strange synth melodies intertwine around each other and the vocals. In contest, Le Crayon bring the proper laid back vintage Disco vibe to the song, using spacious electric piano and a warbling bass tone to roll-out an solid groove. All-in-all, we think the Jupiter version is out favourite, but the whole single is good work.

♫ Juveniles – Strangers

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Jupiter reMix)

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Le Crayon reMix)

Juveniles’ Strangers is out this week.

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