[Audio] Jupiter’s ‘Do It’



One of our favourite French SynthPop duos, Jupiter, are back after a couple of year’s hiatus. they’ve just announced the impending release of their second album; Bandana Republic. The follow up to 2012’s incredibly well received Juicy Lucy, Bandana Republic is due to drop in May. Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, the album is informed by a Californian road trip vibe that injects some interesting new 70s influences into Jupiter’s Parisian DiscoPop. Check out the first hint of what’s to come, the track Do It.

From the offset, Do It hits you with thick, bassy synths and an irresistible hook (if your head doesn’t start immediately nodding you may want to see a doctor about that neck problem you have!). Any doubts that Jupiter couldn’t recreate the bottled lightning of Juicy Lucy are rapidly swept away; Do It is as good a DiscoPop track as you could ask for. Steady beats, funky apreggios, heavy synth bass and Amélie sounding as sweet and catchy as ever. Ladies and gentlemen, Jupiter are back.

♫ Jupiter – Do It

Jupiter’s Bandana Republic, is released 4th May.

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